Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Next Round

The next round of cuts for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Contest is next week. They are narrowing it down from 1,000 to 250. With those odds I have already counted myself out of the competition. I don't mean to think negatively but I have read many of the other contestants pitches and they are quite impressive. It also doesn't help that this round is going based soley on your excerpt which for me is the first chapter of my book and my first chapter isn't one of those shocker keeping you in suspense chapters as many are. However I didn't feel the need to start the book off that way so even if it is the reason I don't make it any further in the competetion I won't change a thing. I wrote it the way I did for a reason and I'm not going to change it. I have read so many times from other writers about how they write and then rewrite and then rewrite again and that's just not me. I write what I write and I'm not going to change it. It comes out that way for a reason. I mean I may take out a sentence here and there but I will never change the story so completely that isn't what I had made it in the first place. I'm kind of babling but what I am trying to say is that I am thrilled I have made it this far in the competition and if it ends next week I may be disappointed but I will not let it ruin me. I will only be more determined to go on and get my book published.