Friday, April 2, 2010

Must Be a Full Moon Tonight

It has to be a full moon tonight. I am at work (Customer service rep) and every customer I speak to is border line crazy. You know it's a rough day when you are fantasizing about having a drink when you get home and it's not even noon. I just want to go home, put my pj's on pour myself a glass of wine and relax. Forget about this lousy day.
Yesterday I watched or at least tried to watch The Name of the Rose. I couldn't seem to focus on it. It was so unbelievably boring and I'm a history buff. I kept thinking it has to get better and it never did. I didn't retain any information from the movie and am going to actually try to read the book which seems like it will be better than the movie. I just have to get into the mindset and get it over with. However, in my usual fashion I will wait until the very last possible minute to get started on it. As for today I am going to try and get over my writers block. I have mentioned in other posts how I am so close to finishing my third book I just can't seem to end it. I'm writing a fourth book so it's not like the character's stories are going to end and I need to make sure everything is perfect. I just need to figure out how I am going to leave it off that it answers most questions but still leaves the reader hanging and wanting more. It'll come to me in time. I just have to paitently wait for that moment.
Sunday is Easter but it doesn't really feel like it to me. My boyfriend insists it's because I'm getting older but I don't know. I used to love the holidays. I would decorate for each one and be excited the entire month and now it's just like any other day. Maybe he is right. Do holiday's lose their luster as you get older and if that is the case why? Why can't a holiday be just as exciting when you are older? I told him I want to color eggs. His response: "Why? You never eat them and we'll just have to throw them out." He's right but it's a tradition to me. I'm big on tradition and he doesn't get it. I have traditions for each holiday and without them it just isn't the same. I might be getting older but I will never give up the traditions that I loved as a kid. Heck I'm 25 and I still go to my parents on Easter and my dad hides plastic eggs with money and chocolate in them. My boyfriend never puts up a fight about looking for them he always happily joins in on the fun. Maybe we just think we can't enjoy the holidays like we once did but I'm here to say we can.

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