Thursday, April 1, 2010

The warm weather has finally arrived. It took long enough. Unfortunately I can not be outside enjoying it. I am stuck inside watching the movie The Name of the Rose. I had to read the book for my Medieval History class and of course I have yet to do so. It was assigned three months ago and I have a six page paper due on it Tuesday. I'm not that worried though. I am a procrastinator but I do work better under pressure. I may lose my temper and want to rip my hair out but I always get it done. I feel like the earlier I start something the more I dwell on it and then I wind up either putting way too much effort into it or I start second guessing everything I did in the first place. I'd rather finish whatever it is hand it in and be done with it. So I will be busy at work tomorrow trying to write this paper. I'm lucky I have a job where I can do so.
I finally recieved my reviews from The Amazon contest. One was pretty critical the other I found more helpful. I don't think either of them were terrible. I read a few people who posted their reviews and the reviewer pretty much ripped their story and them apart. I am so grateful that for that was not the case. Both reviewers pointed out that I made many grammatical errors. Which I can not deny in any way shape or form. I didn't exactly reread and proofread before submitting. One reviewer liked the chapter and I piqued their interest. The other felt there was no hook and I do agree with them. There was no hook at all. I added a new beginning paragraph that I think can pull the reader in and leave them curious to how the story will play out. The same reviewer also noted how I was overly descriptive and within the description I lost the voice of the story. Again I agree and if I would have listened to my mother in the first place I would have taken out most of the description. It really is true "Your mother is always right." I have to remember that plus the fact that my mom is probably one of the few people who will be 100% honest with me at all times. So I have proofread the entire first chapter, wrote a new intro paragraph and reworded a few lines. I am going to have my mom read it for me and see if she thinks it is any better. Once I get the thumbs up from her I will move on to the second and so on. I should have did all of this in the first place but what can I say other then I guess I was a bit overconfident.
I'm going to finish watching the Name of the Rose now and maybe even skim through the book. I wouldn't bet on it though. I still have roughly four days until it's due. I more likely will try and finish writing my third book. I am at the end and I can't seem to just finish it. However, I really should take advantage of the nice weather. Go outside sit in the sun, I could even bring the book with me. Hmm.........

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