Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Excerpt from Forever Yours

The group walked out of the dining room and back towards the staircase. The closer Lisa got to the stairs the more she could hear Steve’s music. It was just music and she tried ignoring it but when the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven filled the landing the twinge from earlier returned.
During her and Steve’s last summer together she heard that song more times then she could count. When the dark clouds and rain would mask the summer’s sunshine they would spend the day hulled up in his room listening to that song on repeat. She could still remember the feel of his arm acting like a pillow behind her head and the smell of his cologne lingering in the air. Even after all of their time apart and her time with Cameron it seemed like it was only days ago that she was down those stairs lying next to Steve on his bed.
The music stopped snapping Lisa back to reality. It wasn’t days ago, it was months ago. Lisa had already started to descend the stairs and she quickly looked behind her to make sure everyone was with her but they weren’t. They had stopped in the kitchen and Lisa was alone in the stairwell. She was alone but she wouldn’t be for long. She heard Steve’s bedroom door swing open and knew he was coming her way. While earlier she would’ve been fine with it she no longer was. The walls seemed to be closing in on her. Her heart was racing and her head was spinning so she did the only sensible thing she could think of, run. She ran out the front door and hid behind Colton’s truck.

This is one of my favorite parts it's the lead up to the first time Steve and Lisa see each other after the break up and Steve's return home from college for the summer. Hope you enjoyed it.

So another day has gone by and yet again no word on any of the agents I sent queries to. Argh! This really is frustrating. I am the most impatient person I can think of so this is complete and total torture for me. However, I have no other choice and I know this. So waiting it is.

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