Monday, May 17, 2010


I just need to vent for a moment. I recieved a response back from my query. Again my heart stopped then it raced, I took a deep breath then a sip of my wine and opened it and the email said, I needed to resend my query. I forgot to include the title of my book in the subject line which didn't follow their guidelines. It was nice of them to get back to me so soon and not to send the same email say two weeks from now. However, that's not what I need to vent about, I resent it but my computer froze an error occurred so I had to resend it and now I check my sent mail and it sent twice. Is that bad? I hope it doesn't come across as overly eager or unable to follow directions. These little miniscule details are what really tear me apart. Argh hope it doesn't affect anything. Ok fingers crossed again I'm just going to wait and see. Thanks for letting me vent. Goodnight everyone I now will go back to the season finale of Gossip Girl. Oh one last thing One Tree hill WTF!!! A shooting! Really? Okay back Gossip Girl another shooting! Really? Insane.