Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Does Rejection Ever Get Easy?

On Saturday I was on a mission. I went on Writersmarket.com and sent out more query letters. I sent out about 5 or 6 since that's all I could find currently within the Young Adult genre. I have already got three rejections, one of them was from a prior query though so two from this last batch. I've kind of become numb from it. I just assume it's going to be a "We read your query and it's not what we are looking for but good luck in your endeavors." They all say the same. All wishing you luck but are just not interested in what you have. It sucks. I just want to be able to say "An agent actually wants to read my full manuscript" I'll be more then happy to settle for a partial read. Heck I'd be thrilled to hear something other then thanks but no thanks.

I want to write the ideas are there the stories are started but I'm getting discouraged and beginning to wonder for what? Even though I will continue to write no matter what happens as far as getting an agent and published but at the current moment I just don't have the drive. I love to write, I love to research and I love combining the two aspects together and I only hope I can make a career out of it. Then again not everyone gets their dream job. I'll keep trying though. I'm not going to give up so easily. No way and no how.

I'm done venting once again and now I will leave you with another excerpt from Forever Yours:

“There she is.” Emma pointed to Devin’s mom who was getting in her car. They had parked a few houses away to stay inconspicuous and as soon as Devin’s mom got in her car and pulled away Emma began to follow. Emma made sure to stay far enough behind that Devin’s mom would not get suspicious. She had picked up on small important details from spending the summer with Devin following Bill around town. She felt slightly guilty that Devin wasn’t with her but if her hunch was right then him not being with her was best.
“She just turned.” Lisa said joining in on the pursuit. Emma turned slowly making sure not to get too close.
“Can you read the sign?” Emma asked since she was focused on driving and not able to do both.
“And what does it say?”
OB GYN.” Lisa said and Emma gasped. “That doesn’t mean she’s… well it could mean she’s just going to get, you know an annual check-up.”
“You have to go in.”
“Excuse me?”
“You’re going in. You have to. Please? I don’t ask you for anything, if you can just do this for me.” Emma pleaded her case and now Lisa really looked at her as if she was crazy.
“I don’t think so.” Lisa wanted no part of Emma’s new plan.
“Li please. I just need to know. If there was something you wanted answers to I would be the first in line to find a way to get them for you.”
“I do have one question.”
“Does he talk about me? Steve?” Lisa never wanted to ask. She wanted to live with blinders thinking it would be easier to forget about him if she didn’t know but after seeing the sticker and seeing him a few nights back she had to know.

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