Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Blogging

Hourglass (Evernight)Wow, I've been slacking. I finished Hourglass by Claudia Gray over a week ago and have yet to write about it. I just have to say it was a perfect follow up to the two books that came before. However, with that said I can't believe I have to wait until March for the next book. Hourglass ends on such a cliffhanger and such a WTF is going on here that I am dying to know how everything is going to work out. All the characters are back in the third installment of the series and I really enjoyed the progression of the characters as well as how their relationships with the other characters have evolved. I don't want to give anything away to those of you who have not read the books that is why I am being very vague. I highly recommend the series, if you love the Bella and Edward romance of the Twilight series you will fall in love with Lucas and Bianca.

In other so called news I am still waiting to hear back from the agent who requested to see more of my work. I've been obsessively checking my email to the point where it's becoming involuntary. I'll be in the middle of researching on the internet or in the middle of writing and without even skipping a beat there I am logging into my email. I want to be positive and think that this is it for me that it's going to happen but I'd prefr to be at the other side of the spectrum so I'm not disappointed. I'm also at the point where I am just so desperate to hear anything I will settle for a yes or no or a pass or fail. I am probably the most impatient person and this is literally driving me absolutely insane. Hopefully by Monday I will hear something.

Gossip Girl #1: A Novel (Gossip Girl Series)I'm now reading the Gossip Girls series. I find it interesting how different the books are from the TV show, but I guess that is the case with most book series turn television show. Blair and Chuck both have brothers in the book, Erik is Serena's older brother oppose to younger as he is in the show. Vanessa practically has a shaved head and goes to Constance and Jenny Humphrey has a size 34D chest. However, I'm finding them to be very easy to read. Unlike Vampire Diaries which I read the first two chapters and couldn't stop comparing it to the TV show. It was so different from the visual I already had in my head I wasn't able to continue. Even though I know one day soon I will read the whole series of Vampire Diaries. 

My book Forever Yours is coming along really well. I wrote another three chapters and I pretty much have the rest figured out. I just have to get it down on paper.  Part 1 is finished and the last chapter of Part 1 took a twist I didn't even know was going to happen. My characters once again brought me in a totally unexpected direction and I love it. It only adds to the drama which this installment of the series is full of. On that note I will end this post with another excerpt, hope you enjoy:

“Li we’re going to change.” Emma said given Lisa the opportunity to be alone with Steve.
“Oh okay sure. I’ll be right there.” Emma, Allison and Sara walked away leaving Lisa sopping wet and alone with Steve. She took the towel Emma had given her and wiped her arms and legs.
“I was just about to go out looking for you guys. Sorry you got stuck walking in the rain.”
“It’s okay. We had some things to work out and then it was actually a lot of fun.” Lisa glimpsed up at Steve. His finger came to her face and he gently wiped a drop of water from her cheekbone causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. She wanted him to take her in his arms, kiss her and make the wretched memories of the past disappear.
“You’re soaked.” He said dimples settling on his cheeks.
“Yeah I am. I should go change.” She didn’t want to leave him. More than anything she wanted to stay there in the foyer with him finally succumbing to her desires to be with him again.
“Yeah I should get back down to Colton. Make sure he doesn’t puke or anything.”
“Yeah you should.” Steve gave her a half hearted smile and went to walk back down the stairs. “Steve!” The words were at the tip of her tongue. Everything she ever wanted to say, to admit were ready to come out.
“Yeah?” His eyes were widened which only made the copper specks glint from the overhead lighting. They were just as amazing as she remembered. Every time she looked into them she was candle wax against a match.  
“I uh. I.  Thanks again.” She chickened out. She couldn’t do it.
“You’re welcome.” And he was gone.
Lisa was left alone in the foyer thinking about what Allison said. How things happen for a reason. Was there a reason she couldn’t get the words out? As usual she had no answers. She went to leave the foyer when her cell phone beeped. After fishing around in her pocket book she flipped it open.
She had a new text message. She was only feet away from every person who would text her. She assumed it was Sara texting to see what was going on. As she clicked the button to view the message her heart stopped. Did everything happen for a reason? And if so was fate stepping in?
Can’t stop thinking about you.


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