Sunday, July 11, 2010

American Idol, Dark Flame, Beautiful Darkness.

American Idol- Season 9On Wednesday I went to the American Idol concert at Jones Beach and it was awesome. Lee is still by far my favorite. Since all of his nerves were gone and he wasn't having a coronary he sounded amazing. I really wanted him and Crystal to sing a duet together but they didn't. However, Michael Lynch and Casey James did, they sang the Bryan Adams song they did together on the show. It's unbelievable how much better they sound in person. Michael Lynch started off with Woman's Worth and at that moment I was like okay the concert has officially started. He killed it (in a very good way) I couldn't believe how great he sounded. Now I see Aaron Kelly going on to be a country artist, Tim Urban an actor and Katie (can never remember her last name) oh Stevens a pop star, she sang Christina Aguilera's Fighter and well she has the chops that's for sure. Overall an awesome show. Lee and Crystal were my favorites and I just have to say I think they look cute together. At the the end the whole group sand Kelly Clarkson's (Not exactly sure the name) Life would suck without you song and that was the higlight they sounded great together. Lee came out last and instantly threw his arm around Crystal and I was like Hmm...

RadianceI finished reading Dark Flame. Alyson Noel nows how to keep you glued to the pages. There was a twist or two that took me for a surprise and hate that I have to wait to see what happens next for Ever and Damen. While I'm waiting I'm going to pick up Radiance the spin off series she is writing about Ever's sister Riley. I loved her character, she was witty and fun and I'm so happy she decided to write about what Riley's been doing since Ever can no longer see her.

Beautiful DarknessI also finished reading Beautiful Darkness and what a great follow up to Beautiful Creatures. It was amazing. Since I got the advanced readers copy and it's not being released until October it only makes me mad since I want the third book that much sooner. I follow both authors on and I don't think they have finished writing the third one yet. I wonder if they will stop at three or if they are going to continue with more. Beautiful Darkness has so many twists and turns as everything comes together and I hate to admit that I needed to know so bad that I would skip ahead several pages to see if my predicitions were right. I have no patience I guess lol. I need to know right then and there. I love how it is from Ethan's point of view and I also love the connection between him and Lena. I can definitely see these books being the next Twilight phenomenon. As far as I've read on IMDB they are in the process of turning the first book into a movie and it has the potential to be out of this world great. They just need to get two actors with undeniable chemistry, I think that is why Twilight works so well since Rob and Kristin's have such amazing chemistry together.

Hush, HushI am now reading Hush Hush. I'm only ten pages in but I have heard amazing reviews so I am excited. I have been so lax a dazy with reading and this is my only time (the summer) where I can actually read all day every day. I blame it on the internet once I get on I have trouble peeling myself away. It's really sad. However, I have finally got myself back into my reading mode and I'm not stopping. I want to read at least 25 books by summers end and I'm only up to 11. So I need to get reading and maybe then I will surpass my goal. That would be ideal. I also want to start reading the classics which I have but right now I am obsessed with these Young Adult Paranormal romances. They are so addictive. Anywho I have to get ready to go to a Bridal Shower I'm already running behind. So please follow me!!! I love to blog and just hope that even if I'm not being followed people are reading, but still knowing I'm being followed is even better.

Final note: I didn't know they made The Velveteen Rabbit into a movie. I loved that book when I was a kid.

The Velveteen Rabbit

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