Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I sent out another query today, however, this is the first query I sent since I changed my first chapter. I also personalized the query which honestly I have never done before. I think it makes it more casual and not so uptight and business like. You need to find an agent, someone who you can trust and who you like so why make it so formal? Fingers are crossed.

I'm currently reading Hush Hush and so far so good. I like how mysterious Patch is and how Nora can't stand him yet can't stop thinking about him. I'm really excited to see where it is going to go.

I decided I need a desk. I sit home telling myself I am going to write, but without a desk I can't get in the zone. I sit on the couch with my laptop and I start getting lazy and do everything but write. We have a guest room and currently it stores our mountain bikes, my shoes, and unpacked boxes. (We've only lived in this apartment for 2 years) Our apartment is in the back of the building though which means little sunlight. Our living room has two windows but above it is our upstairs neighbors deck so that gets most of the sunlight. It cna get very dreary in the living room and I don't know about anybody else but to fell energized and ready to go I need sunlight. Our guest room, however, has two windows as well and nothing to block the sunlight from entering. Not to mention the two windows look out to the lake. I need to get that room cleaned up and make myself an office. I think if I have a place to go where there is no TV and it is just me my laptop and some music I could get a lot more writing done. That is going to be my summer project; an office.

Keeping this short today. Hopefully I'll finish Hush Hush soon and I can let you know what I think.