Thursday, July 15, 2010

St. Patrick's Day in July

I spent my night at a St. Patrick's Day celebration. Yes I did say St. Patrick's Day and yes I know it is July. Every year for quite sometime the place where my parents keep their boat, Morgan's Marina, the place where I spent my Summer's, has St. Patirck's Day in July. I indulged in shepards pie while watching Irish Step Dancers and listening to bag pipes and an Irish band. It was a good time. However, it's bittersweet to me.

My Grandfather was Irish/Italian, but always related to his Irish side more. I contribute that to his red hair and freckles. He loved the marina and he especially loved the St. Patrick's Day Celebration. It has been two years and two St. Patrick's Day Celebrations since he has passed and as they say it does get easier yet it still makes me sad. I sat their eating my shepards pie looking around at the people and the festivites and all I could think of was how he would love every single thing. Without him it just doesn't seem the same anymore.

The only thing that makes it okay for me is that I think even if I can't see him, even if he is no longer walking this earth he is still with me. Still sitting beside me on the plastic green chairs clapping his hands along to the lyrics of The Music Keeps us Drinking.