Tuesday, August 31, 2010

~Weekend in Review~

My weekend began with my cousin and his girlfriend arriving and then on Saturday attending my Grandmother's surprise party for her 78th birthday. It was great being with family and catching up with Great Aunts and Uncles. I think it was something my grandma needed. Since my grandfather passed away almost two years ago she hasn't seemed happy. It's hard to look at the woman who was always so full of life sit back and keep her witty snarky comments to herself.  She's starting to come around slowly and it was nice to see her with her two sisters.

When the extended family left my grandmother opened her cards. She has trouble seeing small print and asked if I could read to her the card her sister had given her. After the third word I could feel the tears swelling and had a hard time getting the words out. It was a beautiful hand written note to my grandmother about how she always looked at her as more than a sister but as her mother and how my grandmother and my grandfather were always there for her. I told my grandma that it was a keeper and she responded with "Of course," and I know she will keep it just as she kept the macaroni necklace my oldest cousin made when he was three and the construction paper flower garden I made in an old Pepsi Bottle (The one's with the black bottoms) when I was five.

During the party I spoke with my great aunts and told them about my determination to be a writer. My one Great aunt who I guess we can say rubs elbows with some very famous and wealthy people without actually saying why told me to send her my manuscript. Now for once I'm scared about someone reading my manuscript. I've never felt that way before. There is also a part of me that wants to do this on my own, not that this is a guaranteed thing in anyway but still. I've always been very, very lucky. When I wanted to get an apartment my parents had a friend, when I needed a new car I found it through a friend's coworker like I said I've been lucky. I just want to say I did it all on my own. However, if life gives you an opportunity you really should jump on it. I queried a few agents in the past couple of weeks and I'm really hoping on one so if I don't hear anything within the next few days I'm going to send my manuscript and like always keep my fingers crossed tightly. 

Deception (Haunting Emma)On Sunday I went to the beach with my cousin and his girlfriend. The waves were awesome and I am thrilled that my cousin got me to go in. It was like we were kids all over again. Wading in the water, letting the waves crash on our heads as we dove through the rollers, it was awesome and the perfect way to end my summer. As you know I've been carless and haven't had an opportunity to spend this gorgeous summer on the beach like so many others, but this one day made up for my beachless summer. I also got to finish reading Deception by Lee Nichols while I was basking in the sun.  I'm looking forward to the next book Betrayal with that said Deception was good, but I think Betrayal will better. I had a problem with the way the story was set up. It starts with a girl whose parents go away for a business trip and never come back. After a party at her place Child Protective Services shows up at her home and takes her into custody. She is given two options: Go into foster care or go live in a halfway house, Until Bennett shows up, her older brothers ex friend, who provides documentation that he has been given guardianship of her. On looking over the documents she notices that her mothers signature is forged yet still chooses to go with him not once questioning a thing. She was too lax a dazy to me and any teenage girl would not go without putting up some sort of a fight. Hell if it was me I would be screaming and demanding answers before getting on a plane and flying to the opposite side of the country with a guy I hadn't seen in years since for some reason my brother stopped being friends with him. That would probably be my first question why did you and my brother have a falling out yet she never asks. Once I got over that the book was very enjoyable. It ends with a bit of a cliffhanger leaving you wanting more and wanting to know what actually is going on. So I would recommend it because like I said after you get over her lack of curiousity it is very interesting and enjoyable.

Lock and KeyI am now currently reading Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. As I started reading it I felt like I had read it before. However, I think it was because an excerpt was in another book of hers that I read. She is the epitome of what I want to be as an author. She writes beautifully and writes about topics that every teenager can relate to. My goal is to read all of her books and I think after I finish this one I am halfway there.

I start school on Thursday and I'm actually looking forward to it. I've been bored. I like to have a lot on my plate it makes me feel productive and lately I've just been lounging around which don't get me wrong is great but can get very boring very fast. After this semester I can finally say I have my Bachelor's Degree. How great that will be.