Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Duff By Kody Keplinger

I Finished reading The Duff by Kody Keplinger in a day and a half. It was so good I had to force myself to put it down and head out to my night class. I don't want to give too much away because I think everyone should read it but I will tell you the basics.

The DUFF: (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)Bianca is cynical, fabulously snarky and because of Wesley, the man-whore, completely aware that she is the Duff, the designated, ugly, fat friend. She hates Wesley, but after being teamed up to work together on a project she takes advantage of Wesley's man-whore ways in order to create a distraction from her not so stellar family life. Wesley of course being the man-whore he is goes along with it. However, he also has a not so stellar family life at the moment and it is something they both discover about each other through out the ups and downs of their arrangement. Bianca also starts to realize she is falling for the one person she despises most.

I loved this book. I thought Bianca was real and even though cynical, loveable and very relatable. Who hasn't ever felt like the Duff? I think while the Duff might not have been the exact acronym used it is still something most people can relate to. I not only loved Bianca but Wesley as well even though he is meant to be portrayed as a womanizer. His overall charm makes him very appealing and even has you rooting for him through out the story.

The story pieces each part together perfectly. Everything mentioned has a reason to be in the story. The Duff is well written and the voice is as real as it gets. This is the epitome of what a YA book should be. Kudos to Kody Keplinger for nailing it.