Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review of Parnormalcy and Picture Overload.

ParanormalcyI finally finished Paranormalcy. It took longer than I expected it to. In the beginning I was completely taken in and couldn't put it down and then I don't know if it was because I got busy with other things but I felt like it took me forever to finish (4 days). Anyway, in the end I really did enjoy the book. Evie the main character works for International Paranormal Containment Agency, and has since she was eight. Her gift of being able to see through paranormals Glamours makes her an important asset to the agency. However, Evie longs to go to a real school and not be tutored by a werewolf and just be a normal teenager. But when paranormals start getting killed with no explaination Evie starts to unravel secrets of her own life and realizes she isn't a normal teenager. This book has a little bit of everything in it with Evie's best friend being a mermaid, her ex boyfriend a fairie and the boy she starts falling for a shapeshifter all of which are not your typical run of the mill paranormals that you are used to. Kiersten White gives these paranormals new characteristics making them unique.

The first thing that drew me in was Evie. Her voice is awesome. She is fun, loveable and more like a real teenager than many of the other characters in young adult books I have read. Secondly the realtionship that starts to form between her in Lend. The relationship is spot on with first loves everything from the excitement to the embarassment. I also loved how Evie had a favorite show, Easton Heights, and would sometimes compare her own life to the show. What teenager doesn't have a favorite show? One that they use as a guide line to their own life? For me it was Dawson's Creek and I, like Evie would sometimes think when I had a similiar situation occur "That's not how it went down on Dawson's Creek." So I really liked that aspect of the book it made Evie come to life for me. Now Reth her fairie not sure if you can call him a boyfriend ex, I'm not sure what I think of him. I still can't figure out if he was in love with Evie or he was more obsessed with what she could become and what they could be together after. The way things ended with him makes me think there is going to be a sequel and why wouldn't there be it seems that is the trend at the moment. One thing is for sure if there is I will definietly pick it up. So based on a star scale of 5 I give this book a 4.

Now away from the book end of things this weekend I went to the Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo New York with my boyfriend and my parents. It's kind of a tradition. My parents have been bringing me to the Renaissance Faire since I was geez probably ten. It used to be me and my brother and than as we got older my brother became too cool for school. I on the other hand always enjoy our time at the Faire. Where else can I see grown people walk around in period costumes and not think twice of how bizarre they may look? This year though there were quite a few people dressed in costumes that were not related to the Renaissance at all, but gave me a good laugh so I thank them for that. There was a large rabbit, a male cheerleader and a blue well I don't know exactly what he was aiming for maybe you can figure it out. I don't know if it's pajamas or yeah I have no idea what it is. Hey for all I know he can dress like this all the time.

Other than the bizarre costumes there is a lot more that goes on at a Renaissance Faire. My boyfriend and dad got to partake in a archery tournament. Actually it wasn't a tournament at all they just got to shoot arrows at a bullseye. My boyfriend not the most coordinated kept hitting the wood piece of the overhang and had arrows flying back at him. He blamed it on his height I know better than that. I decided to show him how it was done and got a direct bullseye on my first and only try and no it was not beginners luck since I have done it before. We also took in a couple shows one was great the other not so much. Overall though it was a great day. My mom also bought me (when I wasn't looking) a Talisman necklace for writers and poets. It is supposed to help give you inspiration when you can't find the words. Her exact words when she found me and gave it to me "I figured it couldn't hurt" Ha! I love my mom.
The Talisman my mom got me. Love it!

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