Wednesday, December 29, 2010

~I've Been Reading, Reading and Reading~

The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries #1: OriginsI am happy to say that I have kept with my goal of spending my vacation reading. I started reading Monday night and as of last night I have finished three books. I finally finished Vampire Diaires Stephan's Diaries Origins 1 by L.J. Smith. Now while I really did enjoy it I always can't help, but compare the book to the TV show. So I am happy to say that this book is exactly how the episode of when Stephan and Damon got turned. What I also liked is that there was more back story. Parts of the story that I hadn't known about from the TV show. It brings you to 1864 and the first appearance of Katherine. However, like the show I am still unsure of Katherine and her motives. Does she really love Stephan and look at Damon as a brother? Or is she manipulating them both for whatever reason? With this book it's still hard to tell because it is from Stephan's point of view so you never know what actually went on with Katherine and Damon. I'm hoping the next installment out in January will help get closer to the truth.

One Night That Changes EverythingNext I read Lauren Barnholdt's One Night that Changes Everything. Everytime Eliza is scared to do something she writes it down in her purple notebook, but what happens when that notebook gets stolen by her ex boyfriend Cooper? The same ex who lied to her their entire relationship and now him and his group of friends are blackmailing her. She has to the end of the night to finish every humliating task they personally chose from her notebook or else the entire notebook will end up online.

I was hesitant at first to read this book. Only because I had read reviews elsewhere that weren't so favorable. However, the concept intrigues me and I liked the cover so I did what any 26 year old would do, I put it on my Christmas list and like always mom came through. I liked the characters sometimes Eliza sounded more like 15 than 17 and even though at times I knew excactly where the plot was going I still enjoyed the book. It was a fun easy read and made me laugh out loud at times. Many of the reviews didn't like the fact that a seventeen year old was out on the town without her parents knowing because that wasn't very realistic. For me I could see how very realistic it actually is. My parents used to go away for the weekend when I was 17 and trusted me to stay home which never happened, they just never found out about it. So I could totally relate to that and say that it is very possible. I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Going Too FarNext I read Going too Far by Jennifer Echols. Now this book right off the bat I give 5 out of 5 stars. From the very beginning I got hooked into the story. Meg has always wanted to get away from her hometown and everything that goes along with it, school, her parents and their crappy diner that she gets stuck working at for free. Meg is the girl with blue hair that never seems to follow the rules of the law, but one night after a dare involving forbidden railroad tracks she goes too far and almost doesn't come back. John never left his hometown instead he made the choice to stay to enfore the rules and serve and protect. He has no tolerance for childish rebellion and the railroad tracks. After finding Meg and her friends out on the tracks he decides to teach Meg a lesson that she won't forget. Meg, however, is not easy to teach as she questions everything he has ever learned as a police officer. He in return demands to know why she is so scared to be tied down. The two of them question one another opening their eyes to other possibilities sometimes taking it one step too far.

I loved the book. After reading Meg's voice stayed with me. She is a character that you can easily fall in love with and relate to. John even though hard on the outside really is a loveable guy. The bantor between the two of them makes the book. I laughed out loud so many times while reading and even teared up I won't say why, but there are a couple spots where you are hit with a shocking revelation. If you are trying to decide on what to read next I would definietely say go out and get Jennifer Echols Going too Far. If you love a good love story and characters that are as real as the ink on the page then this book will be perfect for you.

And now I am reading Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles and am only on page 22, but so far so good. I have a feeling I am really going to like it besides the fact that I fell in love with the cover. After that I have the second book of the series which is Rules of Attraction another amazing cover and from there I will see. I will keep you updated as my vacation of reading continues.
Perfect ChemistryRules of Attraction. Simone Elkeles

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