Thursday, December 30, 2010

Resolution Time.

So it's that time of year. Time to pull out your noise makers and 2011 crowns and watch Dick Clark countdown to the New Year. It's also that time of year when everyone starts talking about their New Years Resolutions. For the past month I have been saying 2011 is going to be my year though I have yet to say why. I haven't made a resolution out loud and I think it is about time I write them down that way if I do not stick with them I will not be the only one to know. It's my way of possibly sticking with something which for me never really happens. I'm the girl that jumps from one thing to the next faster than most people have a chance to even think about it. That I know I can't change and I have no intention of trying to make a resolution to try because A) I will fail miserably and B) I kind of like that about myself it gives me the chance to try new things. However, there are a few things that I know I can stick to and want to so here goes.

First, my boyfriend is obsessed with mountain biking and while I have gone with him many times in the past I want to actually go more often than not. I used to enjoy it but then I had a pretty bad fall and I have been scared to get back on the bike. I was never one to be scared about anything and now I seem to be scared of everything. That is another resolution to get over my fear of life. I'm so scared of doing things, scared that something might happen that I am missing out. I also used to go places, museums, parks, zoos, aquraiums, random places I found interesting and somewhere along the line it kind of just stopped. (I wrote a post about this a few months ago.) I want to start doing things again. I want to start exploring and discovering new places like I used to. It made life fun, exciting and interesting and it got me off the couch. I told my boyfriend that when spring comes that one Sunday we will go mountain biking and the next we will do something of my choosing and keep rotating. (Sunday is our only day off together.) That way we both get to do the things we enjoy, but at the same time get to share it with each other. I am really looking forward to it.

Now on to the usual suspects, drinking, I like to drink and while there is nothign wrong with it I think its time I cut down just a wee bit. I'm a wino and think it's perfectyl aceptable to have a glass or three a night, but like I said it's time to cut down. Also like every other person on the planet I want to start eating better and get in shape. Diet and excercise not to necessarily to lose weight which would be nice but to get myself more active and to just overall feel better. I hate waking up and feeling sluggish and wanting to sit on the couch. I want to wake up and be a ball of energy like I used to be. I also have a bad back. I know a bad back and I'm only 26 but I've been dealing with it since I was 16 but it has progressively gotten worse. However, when I excercise and move around it feels much better another reason why I should really give this a go. Not to mention the mountain biking should definitely help.

Reading. I love to read. However, I've been having trouble finding time to read and I'm done with that. I want to be able to, now this is shooting low, read a book a week. Hopefully it will be more, but I'd rather aim low and give myself a fighting chance. Also I need to make myself write everyday. There are times when I get writers block and I will go a week to two weeks without writing a single work and yeah when the ideas finally come I can write for days, but I don't want to not write. Even if I'm writing crap I can still go back and edit and turn the crap into something great. I just have to do it. Write it.

And now on to the stuff that I am really going to have to work on and really give my all. I graduated college. I have my bachelor's degree in marketing, and granted I just finished school a couple of weeks ago, I am still at the same job I have had since I was 16. My boss did offer me a new position and I think I can do great things with it but at the same time it really isn't what I want to do. I told him a year so by the end of 2011 I want to already have a new job lined up or a career path in mind. I'm still in the running for the internship I've spoke about in the past. As of tomorrow I need to send the marketing plan and within a week I will find out if I am the lucky one. If that's the case which I hope it is I think that will be the stepping stone I need. So fingers crossed.

I also want to get one of my books published. I know that is a big resolution and one I have no control over. It is in the hands of the agents I query, but I want this so bad. I want to be a writer. That is my number one goal. Writing is a passion of mine and the one thing in my life that I have never had a problem with sticking to. I want to write, I want deadlines and editor notes and I want to be able to go to book signings and meet other writers. So, while my other resolutions are for bettering myself this resolution is for setting up my life and getting me on the path I want most. Since my fingers are already crossed, I will cross my arms, my toes, my legs and even braid my hair if that helps.

So what are your resolutions?

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