Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Day Another Excerpt

Here is another excerpt from my book Forever Yours:

Lisa looked down from Emma and instantly spotted the happy face sticker on the shifter. It had seemed like ages ago when she put the sticker there. She totally forgot about it, then again why wouldn’t she? It was a sticker, a small insignificant sticker yet the sight of it caused tears to well up in her eyes.
“You ok Li?” Emma saw the glassy look in Lisa’s eye and as soon as Lisa bit her lip Emma knew something was wrong. Lisa didn’t say anything she was scared if she spoke the tears would start to flow and she wouldn’t be able to stop them. She took a deep breath and waved her hands at her face. “Li what is it?” Lisa pointed to the sticker but still didn’t say a word. “What is up with that sticker? Steve kept staring at it the other day too.”
“He was?” Lisa asked.
“Yeah he was.” Lisa looked up at Emma and a smile tugged at the side of her mouth and a tear fell down her cheek. “You miss him don’t you?” Lisa wiped the tear from her cheek.
“I don’t know if I miss him or the idea of him. Besides you don’t meet the person you are supposed to be with when you’re fourteen.”
“Why not?”
“It would be too easy.”
“Did you ever think that maybe it is that easy?”
“No, because if we were meant to be together then we would be together and we’re not.
“Maybe you guys just needed to find yourselves first before finding each other.”
“What’s the point in that then? I mean come on you are basically thrown on a roller coaster of emotions at top speed only to be thrown from your seat exhausted and drained and for what?”
“No one said love was easy.”
“Yeah and no one said it was this hard either.”

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Excerpt from Forever Yours

The group walked out of the dining room and back towards the staircase. The closer Lisa got to the stairs the more she could hear Steve’s music. It was just music and she tried ignoring it but when the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven filled the landing the twinge from earlier returned.
During her and Steve’s last summer together she heard that song more times then she could count. When the dark clouds and rain would mask the summer’s sunshine they would spend the day hulled up in his room listening to that song on repeat. She could still remember the feel of his arm acting like a pillow behind her head and the smell of his cologne lingering in the air. Even after all of their time apart and her time with Cameron it seemed like it was only days ago that she was down those stairs lying next to Steve on his bed.
The music stopped snapping Lisa back to reality. It wasn’t days ago, it was months ago. Lisa had already started to descend the stairs and she quickly looked behind her to make sure everyone was with her but they weren’t. They had stopped in the kitchen and Lisa was alone in the stairwell. She was alone but she wouldn’t be for long. She heard Steve’s bedroom door swing open and knew he was coming her way. While earlier she would’ve been fine with it she no longer was. The walls seemed to be closing in on her. Her heart was racing and her head was spinning so she did the only sensible thing she could think of, run. She ran out the front door and hid behind Colton’s truck.

This is one of my favorite parts it's the lead up to the first time Steve and Lisa see each other after the break up and Steve's return home from college for the summer. Hope you enjoyed it.

So another day has gone by and yet again no word on any of the agents I sent queries to. Argh! This really is frustrating. I am the most impatient person I can think of so this is complete and total torture for me. However, I have no other choice and I know this. So waiting it is.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My usual Babble, but with an excerpt from my book Forever Yours

I have officially joined Twitter. Never thought I would cross over to the darkside but I have. I still don't get it. Honestly I don't. Do you just post your random thoughts or what? I guess in due time I will figure it all out.

I'm happy to say that my mom and I have started our book. The first chapter is written and in the process of being rewritten. I was really impressed by my mom's writing ability and not because I didn't think she could write I just didn't know how good she actually was. This new revelation has only gotten me even more excited about what will come of it.

I'm still waiting to hear back from three agents that I have queried. It's frustrating to know that you are just a needle in a haystack and there is nothing you can do about it. I got over obsessively checking my email, I figure when it happens it happens. However, I will continue to keep my fingers crossed. I've decided that I am going to post excerpts from the fourth book of my Forever Series, Forever Yours in my posts since that is why I originally started blogging in the first place. So here we go the first excerpt:

“Are you ever going to quit?”
“Are we really going to have this conversation again?”
“I guess not.”
“Good.” Lisa blew the smoke out in the opposite direction of Colton and then looked back at him. She hadn't noticed it until that moment but something was off. Being his cousin for the past seventeen years she could tell when something wasn’t right. There was definitely more to his visit then just coming to see her, but what?

Okay so that was a little sneak peak I guess. It's amazing how happy I am about each book in this series and after I finish I always think it's the best and that's how I felt with the third book, but now with the fourth I think that's the best. Go figure. I just have so much I need to happen in the fourth book I hope I can get it all in without having it be too overwhelming. I've had writers block for a few days now and I hope it ends soon. I am so close to finishing and I just want the characters stories to come together as well as I hope they will.

In all this babbling I don't think that I mentioned that my semester at school is officially over and I ended the semester with a 4.0! I have never been so happy and proud of myself. I worked my butt off for it and I was and still am just thrilled.

I also just finished a book called Fallen By Lauren Kate. I really enjoyed it. The ending really picks up and hooks you in and then it ends and you are left wanting answers and more but guess what you can't get them until August when the second book comes out. :( I guess like everyone else I have no choice but to wait. I also bought another book today even though I have at least thirty I haven't read yet, I also bought a book shelf and am so happy about that but that's another story, anywho the book is called Once Dead and Twice Shy by Kim Harrison and of course I turn to the back of the book and guess what there is a sequel. I did go on Amazon and the 2nd book comes out 5/25 so I'm not going to have to wait to see what happens. Okay I'm going to get reading and stocking my new bookshelf. Enjoy your evening everyone.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I just need to vent for a moment. I recieved a response back from my query. Again my heart stopped then it raced, I took a deep breath then a sip of my wine and opened it and the email said, I needed to resend my query. I forgot to include the title of my book in the subject line which didn't follow their guidelines. It was nice of them to get back to me so soon and not to send the same email say two weeks from now. However, that's not what I need to vent about, I resent it but my computer froze an error occurred so I had to resend it and now I check my sent mail and it sent twice. Is that bad? I hope it doesn't come across as overly eager or unable to follow directions. These little miniscule details are what really tear me apart. Argh hope it doesn't affect anything. Ok fingers crossed again I'm just going to wait and see. Thanks for letting me vent. Goodnight everyone I now will go back to the season finale of Gossip Girl. Oh one last thing One Tree hill WTF!!! A shooting! Really? Okay back Gossip Girl another shooting! Really? Insane.

Another Query Sent

So I decided to send out another query to another agent. I never realized how much effort has to be put forth in order to become an author. It can be discouraging but I'm not giving up. I have my mind set and when that happens nothing can stop me. I had to laugh at myself because after I sent it, I'd say about ten minutes later, I had a new message in my inbox. My heart stopped and I got excited to check my mail only to find the latest coupons from JCrew. I don't know what I was thinking especially since agents can take months to respond. However, I had a good laugh at myself.
I don't know if I mentioned this already but, I got my mom on a reading kick. After a year of trying to convince her that she had to read the Twilight series she finally did and she became more obsessed then me even thinking Rob Pattinson is cute. :) So she has decided that we should write a book together. She wants it to be along the lines of supernatural/paranormal which I have never considered writing in the past. I love to read that genre, but never attempted to write it. She however, has always liked that genre so I think if we put our heads together we can come up with something awesome. She is currently reading the P.C. and Kristin Cast House of Night series and that is where she got the idea. I would love to be able to write a book with my mom I mean come on how cool would that be. We are brainstorming at the moment and kicking around a few ideas but haven't decided on anything just yet. Who knows maybe it will be twetny years from now, but it's still exciting to think about and have something to look forward to.
Last night I began reading "Eternal" by Cynthia Leitich Smith and I couldn't put it down. At 12:30am I finished it. I couldn't put it down I was really interested in the characters and what was going to happen next. I originally bought it not thinking it was going to be a part of series since the next book didn't mention any of the characters but to my surprise it ended kind of like "What?!?!" and then I find out the next book is about different charcters but in the third book both story lines will come together. Now I have two more books added to my reading list. It seems every book I read these days are part of a series not that I can talk since my books are as well but it gets expensive after awhile. I'm happy my mom is reading since now we can share books and the cost. Everyone tells me to go to the library, but I'm horrible with returning things and it would only turn into a problem. I'd rather buy them and add to my ever growing collection.
Now I am going to check my email again and then probably again in a half hour. This obsessive behavior will go on for about two weeks and then I will be once again discouraged and have little or no hope that I will hear from the agent. Okay so for now I am optimistic with my fingers crossed hoping the day when my dreams come true is only around the corner.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another day another dollar. Unlike most people I can't say TGIF since I work ten hours tomorrow starting at 8am. I have to wait for my one day on Sunday. Hopefully it will be sunny and I can go for a bike ride or a walk. I'm almost finished with school, yay. Tuesday is my last day and then I can finally have Tuesdays and Thursdays to do as I please. I have a goal to read as many books as I possibly can, finish Forever Yours and my other book Hallways of Hell and if all goes well start or finish writing another book.

I've written ten chapters for Forever Yours so far and it's going pretty well. I'm happy with the direction its going and I can't wait to finish. My mom is reading it over and she is brutally honest so soon I will know if she feels the same way as I do or not.

I watched the Eclipse special on Oprah yesterday (Yes I'm a Twi hard) and I don't know if I can hold out untill June 30. I mean I have no choice but wow it looks so good. The last clip she showed right after Jacob kissed Bella and Edward is in his face yelling, I love it. I rewound it like nine times I couldn't stop watching it. Then I had to watch Twilight for the hundredth and eleventh time. I would've watched New Moon directly after but Vampire Diaries came on and for a season finale it did not disappoint. My only complaint is I have to wait until September to see what happens. Yesterday was a great day for television that's for sure.

I read a couple of books first one was Waiting for You by Susan Colasanti. I always like to see the different styles that authors use. This book was written in the first person and it was as if the fifteen year old girl really wrote the book. The language the dialogue everything was very reminiscent of being fifteen. It was predictable I think the back of the book which should only give you an idea of the book actually gives the whole thing away which kind of made it less exciting at the climax of the book. While I did enjoy it I still prefer Sarah Dessen who I feel writes with a teenage voice but doesn't write the entire book in that way. She saves it mainly for the dialogue.

The next book I read was Sarah Dessen's (of course) That Summer not one of my favorites since there are others I enjoyed by her much more but nonetheless it was still really good. It wasn't a typical love story actually it wasn't one at all it more or less is about a girl coming to terms with her life and understanding the past. If there was someone I wanted to aspire to it would definitely be Sarah Dessen. I think she is a great writer in the young adult genre and I have always enjoyed her books. I don't think I have read one that I didn't like. Right now I am reading Dreamland by her and even though I'm only a chapter and a half in I'm already interested in the storyline. I'll update when I finish reading.

I also just want to add (and hope I haven't already) I got to see the movie City Island and I have to agree with the critics it was awesome. I laughed so hard at some scenes possibly because of the families bickering reminded me of my own family but either way it was still a great movie. Lately I've been finding it hard to see a movie, like it and not know exactly what is going to happen before it does. I feel movies have become lazy where no effort is put into the plot, or even into the characters. I love romantic comedies but as of the past four years they are all the same, predictable, chemistryless and at times boring. What happen to the days of movies like Ghost, When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles, I could go on forever. Not to mention if I see one more remake I think I might just scream. Be creative, come up with something original, unique and entertaining. How hard could it be? Maybe I should start writing screenplays. Hmmm..........