Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've Been Busy

I have been trying to stick with my New Years Resolution by reading as often as I can. So far this year I have read every Simone Elkeles book:
Leaving Paradise
Return to Paradise
Perfect Chemisty
Rules of Attraction
How to Ruin a Summer Vacation
How to Ruin My Teenage Life
How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation

She is my new favorite writer and I can not wait for her next book, Chain Reaction, to come out.
I just finished Anna and The French Kiss and it definitely lived up to all the hype. Most times when a book is hyped (this goes for movies as well) I get so excited that I get let down. This book didn't let me down in any way. It had the perfect combination of romance, friendship, teenage angst and I can't wait for Stephanie Perkins next book. I also read Dash and Lily's Book of Dares which my mom actually liked more than Anna and the French Kiss, I didn't, but I still really enjoyed it. Other books I have read:

Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott
Aces up by Lauren Barnholdt.

I'm in the process of reading Crescendo and for some reason I keep putting it down and reading something else. Why? I honestly don't know because it is really good. The writing is beautiful and the relationship between Nora and Patch is just as intense as Hush Hush I just can't finish it. It might have something to do with the fact that I know there is a third book and having to wait for that to come out is going to suck. Or it could be that I am so Paranormaled out that I'm just craving contemporary right now. Which is most likely the case since that is all I have been reading. I know I'll get through it and I'll love it it's just a matter of when.

In other news I don't know if I had mentioned the internship I was applying for. It was a marketing internship for a Literary Agent. How cool is that my two favorite things rolled into one. You had to submit a resume and a letter and then from there she would pick a few who she would like to come up with a makreting plan for one of her clients and she would pick from there. Well I was picked. I was so excited I was near tears. I never thought I would get it especially since she was looking for an English major who had an interest in Marketing while I was a Marketing major who happens to write Young Adult books. So I am looking forward to everything this internship entails.

I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest again. I wasn't going to, but I finished a new book a few months ago and figured what the heck. So without stressing about it like last year I entered my manuscript came up with a pitch in ten minutes entered and that was that. So we'll see.

In the meantime I started writing another book and it is going really good. Oh and my other book, the one I entered last year, is still out on submission. I haven't heard back from th agent but it has only been a month and they say it can take upwards of six. So I'm sitting tight and just filling my time writing and reading, hopefully finish Crescendo.

I'm going to try and blog a little more often. I've been away for too long.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect ChemistryI have finally found a Young Adult contemporary with the perfect balance between realism and romance. Perfect Chemistry has introduced me to a new (well new to me) writer Simone Elkeles and I plan on reading all of her books now. I finished Perfect Chemistry in about a day. It is a story with alternating points of view. Brittany Ellis acts perfect and has spent a great deal of her life making people believe that she is, but in reality behind her brand new BMW and mansion size house she and her family are anything but perfect. Alex Fuentes is a Latino Blood and doesn't try to hide who he is. However, he doesn't want his gangbanger life he wants more for him and his family even if he can't get out he hopes his family can. When Brittany and Alex are partnered up in chemistry class they will push each other to the limit, but neither are expecting the feelings that they begin to develop for one another. Is Brittany willing to shed the facade she has spent years creating and is Alex willing to allow a snow girl to be a part of his world? I'm not going to say because this is a book you should definitely read.

I'll admit at first I was hesitant. I know nothing about gang life and thought that it wouldn't be able to hold my interest and boy was I wrong. Simone Elkeles creates the world and brings you into it as if you are watching the scenes unfold on a screen. I had no trouble relating to either character even though they seem the total opposite of who I am. The chemistry between the two characters in almost tangible on the page. You begin to root for them hoping that they will get the happy ending they both deserve and so desperatlely need. I laughed out loud several times and even shed a few tears as life takes unexpected turns for the characters. If you love a realistic young adult story about struggles and love this will be the perfect book for you. I give it five stars.

Rules of AttractionNow I am reading the sequel to Perfect Chemistry, Rules of Attraction that follows Alex's brother Carlos as he moves away from Mexico again and in with Alex. I've read a little over 20 pages so far and I am already drawn into the story. I just really like Simone Elkeles style of writing. It is engaging and authentic and her dialogue is natural. It is everything I look for in a good book. And not to mention the beautiful covers for both books. I fell in love when I saw them.

I'm on point for my goal to read more this year. Am always looking for new suggestions. Please leave a comment below with your must read young adult book. Happy Reading.