Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As of January 1st I have read 65 books towards my goal of 225 for the year. According to Goodreads I am 45 books behind schedule. Eek. That doesn't sound good. I know. However, I'm not looking at that number I'm looking at the have read and I think 65 is pretty darn good. I will continue to read and reach for my goal even if it does seem at the moment impossible.

Favorite book read between January-June 2011
 There is a tie.
Anna and the French KissPerfect Chemistry

The book that left me saying What the (insert curse here) in a very good way:

Favorite Series:
How to Ruin a Summer VacationHow to Ruin My Teenage LifeHow to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation

Favorite Romance:
Letters to a Secret Lover (Avon Romance)

Made me laugh out loud:
How to Ruin Your Boyfriend's Reputation

Pulled at the heartstrings:
Fall for Anything

Had a little bit of everything
 (Pulled at the heart strings, made me laugh out loud, good story.) 
My One and Only (Hqn)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Summer Lost~

It's officially summer, yet for me, it doesn't feel like it. And maybe it's because I'm getting older, and the fact that I spend five days out of the week sitting in an office with no windows, doesn't help either. I miss the way summer used to be. I miss sitting up late under a blanket of stars talking to my friends as the hot humid air stuck to our skin. I miss wasting my days sitting on the beach and riding my bike for hours on end. Though, the thing I miss the most is the feeling. There was always something about summer that ignited excitement and endless possibilities. It was two and a half months of freedom. Anything could happen.

A majority of my teenage experiences took place in summer. My first kiss, my first cigarette, sneaking out for the first time, the first time I got my heartbroken. Not all were good experiences, but they were still experiences. I'm not saying that I wouldn't remember them any less if they didn't take place in the summer it's just that because they did it made my summer's more memorable. And maybe that is why I have a longing desire to recapture those summers lost.

Fourth of July is next week and I have yet to see a firefly. To some of you that might sound like a nothing thing, but to me that is summers signifier. For some people its feeling the sand beneath their toes after months of being confined to shoes or eating a hamburger off the grill. For me it's fireflies. Fireflies make summer official. So, how could Fourth of July already be here?

Is summer never going to be the same again? Should I accept the fact that like most things in life summer was better just because I was younger and had little responsibility? What about you? What makes summer official for you? What do you miss most?

Monday, June 27, 2011

THE LIAR SOCIETY by Lisa and Laura Roecker

The Liar SocietyThe Liar Society by Lisa and Laura Roecker is about a girl, Kate, whose best friend, Grace, died under what Kate believed to be mysterious circumstances. Now a year later Kate is receiving emails from Grace confirming what she thought all along, it was more than an accident. With the help of her neighbor, Seth and the so called bad boy, Liam she sets out to discover the truth. What she doesn't expect to find is a long history of deceit, manipulation and people who will do anything to keep some secrets hidden.

I really enjoyed this book simply because it was fun. I'm the person who while in the middle of reading will stop and flip to the back of the book just to see what is going to happen. It never kills the book or the story for me as most people think it's just something I've always done. However, I decided not to do that while I read The Liar Society. After all it is a mystery and what is a mystery without, well, the mystery. I'm happy I read it like a normal person. I was able to form my own ideas and theories and eagerly wait to see if they were right.

I liked Kate. She was so determined in her quest to prove her best friend’s death was more than an accident and it was a character trait I could admire. She wasn't a scared feeble girl in anyway. I think we need more female characters like Kate in YA. I also really enjoyed the group of supporting characters. What I liked most about them was that I formed opinions on their character early on in the book, but even if I really liked them I was still debating if they were innocent or not.

If you haven't read this book yet I would definitely recommend it.

Currently Reading:
Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls) (It's about time. I know.)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Reading List

Okay so in a past post I made a list of books that I wanted to read this year. Today I'm going to narrow that list slightly and make a list of books I want to read this summer. My goal for the year was 225 books and so far I have read 64. According to my Goodreads page I am 44 behind schedule for reaching my goal. And here I was thinking I was doing really well. I might have to lower my goal eventually, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Though, I have been writing more and I think that might be why I'm so behind which I'm okay with. Anyway, without any further ado my Summer Reading List:
(Having a little problem with formatting. I hope you can still see all of the titles)
The Liar SocietyWhat Happened to GoodbyeSeventeenth SummerThe Last Little Blue Envelope
On WritingPassion ((Fallen))Night Star (Immortals) Everlasting (Immortals)
The Hunger GamesCatching Fire (The Second Book of the Hunger Games)Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3) Crescendo (Hush, Hush)
Shiver (Wolves of Mercy Falls)Afterlife: An Evernight Novel If I StaySarah's Key

 DreamlandWillowAll I Want Is Everything (Gossip Girl, 3)Charmed Thirds: A Jessica Darling Novel

Fourth Comings: A Jessica Darling NovelPerfect Fifths: A Jessica Darling Novel (Jessica Darling Novels (Three Rivers))The LuxeSplendor: A Luxe Novel (The Luxe)
Envy (Luxe, Book 3)Rumors: A Luxe Novel (The Luxe)Bright Young Things

Pretty Little Liars #2: Flawless Pretty Little Liars #3: PerfectPretty Little Liars #4: Unbelievable
The list will probably grow but these are the books (at least most of them) I have on my shelf and have been putting off for far too long. It's time to buckle down and finally read them. If I finish all of these before summer's end I will make a Summer Reading List Part 2. I already know what books will be on that list. Are any of these books on your to read list. Is there a book you have been putting off for too long? Do you have a must read for this summer? Don't be shy leave your comments.