Thursday, June 16, 2011

~Bully, Bullied or Both~

Excerpt from my Work in Progress: Watching her fail miserably gives me satisfaction like nothing else. Every time Eric inches away from her a smile forms on my face. I just can’t let her see since she would rip me to shreds. So I secretly listen and secretly smile knowing that I am no more pathetic than she is.

I always have more than one project going on at a time. Currently I am actively working on two but have three others that I add to when the inspiration hits. One that I am actively working on has been a WIP since I started writing my first book. I have the whole plot figured out, the characters fleshed out and all the subplots ready to come alive on the page it is just moving slower than my other projects. I think mainly it is because I want to get it right.

The main story focuses on bullying and how high school can be glorious one minute and the next your worst nightmare. Bullying has been going on as long as man has walked this earth but it has been making its way into the media over the last couple of years.

Personally I think bullying is part of being a teenager. I know I dealt with my share of it as I navigated the halls of school. I'm not going to sit here and go on and on about how I was bullied and act as if I myself was never the bully because at times I was. It was easier to be the bully than to be the one who was being bullied and I think that is why I sometimes took that route. I'm not exactly proud but I'm not going to deny it either.

In elementary school I was the one being bullied and middle school was when I began to bully in order to protect myself. The truth is no one wants to bully the bully. I wasn't viscious or purposely cruel it was more or less if you mess with me I'm not going to sit back and take it.  Then when high school came I honestly couldn't be bothered with pretty much any of it. I was done with the drama. I guess you can say I was growing up. Though, for some bullies they never grow up. It's all they have ever known and they will spend the rest of their days picking on others in order to feel better about themselves. I'm actually mortified to think back and recall some of the names my friends and I called people. I'm even more mortified to think back and recall some of the names my friends and I were called. When they say kids are cruel they are not kidding. 
Some names I was called in school: 
Stone Cold 
Toliet Paper (My initials are TP) 
Slut (Meanwhile at 26 I've only dated three guys) 
A guy once told my friend I had a nice body if you put a paper bag over my head (That one has always been my favorite)

I've been on both sides and really want my WIP to be able to showcase both sides. While it is a slow process I am already happy with how it is coming along so I know that the end result will be completely rewarding and satisfying.

So tell me what names were you called in school. Were you the bully, bullied or both?

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