Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hi My Name is Theresa and I.....

Hi my name is Theresa and I have a book buying problem. I posted a few days ago about how I have become obsessed with buying books on Ebay, however, that doesn't stop me from making the occasional stop at the bookstore. I tried to stay away.I really did, but my boyfriend wanted a magazine and he could only get it at the bookstore and he gave me the puppy dog look and next thing I know I have three new books. Oops. So much for saving money.

Though, I am thrilled because they are three books I have been dying to read.
TwistedSeventeenth SummerThe Liar Society
It's okay you can be jealous if you haven't been able to get your hands on them yet. I know I was jealous of every person that had already read them. Then tweeted about them over and over again. I also couldn't help to read the first five pages of TWISTED and now I want to put off the book I'm currently reading and dive right into it.

This may happen.

I have a tendency to read two books at a time. A few years ago I had a coworker who always was reading more than one book at a time and I never understood how she could possibly be able to do so but now I get it. Sometimes one book isn't exactly giving you what you want in a given moment and you need to switch it up.

I also just have to say that I am proud of myself for only walking out of the bookstore with these three books because there were four other books that I have been eagerly awaiting their release staring at me from the shelves. They were all hardcovers though and one hardcover book equals the price of two soft cover books so I will save them for another day.

Just if you were curious to what books I unhappily left on the shelves:
Passion ((Fallen))Everlasting (Immortals)What Happened to GoodbyeThe Last Little Blue Envelope

They will be mine someday soon.

Did I mention I bid on more books on Ebay too. *Hangs head in shame* Like I told you, I have a problem.


  1. I work at a bookstore so I feel your pain! To be around books all day and go home empty handed is hard. I want to read the Hunger Games after I finish my current series, but we are almost sold out!