Monday, June 13, 2011

My Grandma & Why She is Awesome!

I completely forgot to blog about my grandmother and why she is such a tough chick. My grandmother for whom I was named will be seventy nine years old in August. For as long as I could remember she would get out of breath easily but always equated it to emphysema which she was diagnosed with close to thirty years ago. Recently she found out it was not emphysema but a heart condition that needed to be corrected. Needless to say my grandmother had to have surgery.

She was scared. It was obvious in the way she spoke and even the look in her eye. I, however, knew how tough and how strong she was and knew she would get through it fine. My cousin and I have always said the world would come to an end, but grandma would be standing on top of it complaining there was no provolone left in the fridge. She needed a little more convincing. My grandmother and I are very much a like (which is why I can get away with what I said) and I assured her she would be fine because she was one tough bitch.

The surgery was a success. She had one of her valves repaired and another replaced with a pig valve. The things they do today in the medical field astonishes me. I joked with my grandma and told her she's part pig now and reminded her that yes she is one tough bitch in which she responded, "Yes I am!" 

It's been probably about two months now since the surgery and even though she had one set back after falling and hitting her head in the bathroom she is doing great. She is going through physical therapy and all is well. Thank God.

She told the family that she would never go through with it again and the only reason she did it was for us. My grandparents have always been the rock of our family and after my grandfather passed away she became the sole support system. I know she's getting up in age and it terrifies me to think that one day she won't be here, but for now she is happy and healthy and that is what matters most.