Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tragedy in my Community.

On Father's Day there was a shooting at local drugstore in my community. It left four innocent people dead. Yesterday I watched hours of news footage as they finally captured the heartless, poor excuse for a human being. For me, it was a shock to discover that he wasn't a bum who lived on the streets or a drifter. It was someone who graduated from the local high school and who had lived in the house he was arrested in his whole life. He is 33, married, and ex-military man. They released a picture of him from three years prior of him on his wedding day and he looked as a groom should, happy in love. His wife looked just as happy but now three years later she too was arrested. Her crime, driving the getaway car. What happened in those three years that turned him into a cold blood killer? According to the news and the surveillance footage that was obtained he didn't even give his victims a chance. He walked in shot all four execution style and stole 10,000 painkillers. It makes me sick.

Two employees and two customers were killed that day. Both employees weren't on the schedule but were called in and agreed to go in. One an 18 year old girl who should have went to her prom yesterday instead of lying in a funeral home as family, friends and the community paid their respects. The other a man who that morning promised his young niece he would go to her graduation was a father and only worked at that store as a side job. The two customers, one a 33 year old woman with two daughters one 16 the other 5 was engaged to be married next month instead she will be buried in her wedding dress. Her fiancĂ© was in the car waiting for her and wondering what was taking so long. He was the one who discovered the bodies. The other customer a man in his 70's who was picking up his wife’s heart medication. What did they do to deserve such a brutal end? They were all simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm just grateful that this beast is finally caught. He was considered armed and dangerous and I was scared to do my every day normal things as going to the gym, grocery store and pizza place because who was to say he wouldn't strike again. Though, we later found out he went straight home and started doing yard work!??!

The brother of the 33 year old woman went to the police station following the arrest because he wanted to look his sister’s killer in the face. I don't know if I could. If that was one of my family members I wouldn't be able to look him in the face because if I did I would attack him. I would want to hurt him so badly.

When the news got out that he was in custody many people the family included gathered outside the drugstore that is now lined with flowers, card and candles. I watched on my television as the reporters asked for reactions of the news. The 33 year old woman's grandmother said it best, "You're the devil and God always wins out."

                                             ~May You All Rest In Peace~

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