Friday, July 22, 2011

Where I Belong by Gwendolyn Heasley

Where I BelongCorrinne was born and raised in New York City spending her days shopping at Barneys, attending galas and riding her horse at a country club in Connecticut. Her life is perfect until the recession, which was just a topic in the news, becomes her reality when her dad loses his job. Instead of heading to Kent, the boarding school she had been dreaming about, she is on a plane with her younger brother, Tripp, to Broken Spoke Texas. From the minute she lands in Texas all she wants is to return to New York. As time passes Texas starts to grow on her and she realizes that maybe her life in New York wasn't everything she ever wanted.

I originally bought this book based on the cover. I mean how could I not? The cover is amazing. Her yellow dress and turquoise jewelry and his plaid shirt and cowboy hat. I fell in love. I was ready for a serious love story, but that's not what I got. Instead I got a touch of a love story with a huge dose of a girl coming into her own. While I am a sucker for a love story Corrinne's struggle with leaving her life in New York City and trying to deal with her new life in Texas took center stage and I think that is what made the book.

In the beginning Corrinne reminded me of a character out of Gossip Girl which she happens to watch, but it was nice to see her get past the glitz and glam and just be a normal teenage girl who eats fast food and wears jeans. What annoyed me most was her attraction to Rider. *Spoiler Alert* He was a jerk who wanted to use her and it was obvious at least for me from the very beginning. It annoyed me that it took her so long to realize, but it did add to her overall growth.

I loved Kitsy she was the balance that Corrinne needed in her life. She was fun, perky, sincere and an all-around nice girl. One of my favorite parts of the book was when she dissed Waverly, Corrinne's BFF from NYC. It was great.

I wanted more of Bubby. We got little bits of him here and there, but I wanted more. Especially at the end. I did like the ending I just again wanted more. It was left too opened. I like things to wrap up nicely and not have to make me think about what is going to happen next. I just want to be told. However, with that said it is left wide open for a sequel and I really hope that is a possibility because I really fell in love with Corrinne and her new life in Texas and really want to know what happens next.

Have you read Where I Belong? Thoughts?

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