Thursday, August 25, 2011

Books, Wedding, Earthquakes and Hurricanes Oh My!

There are about seven days left of the month of August and to meet my reading goal for the month I have four more books to read. I started off this month so strong, reading the first four in less than two weeks and then nothing. Between my cousins wedding, reading a critique partners manuscript and working on my own WIP's I had little time for reading. However, seven days is more than enough time to meet my goal. I'm going for it. Especially now that a hurricane is set to hit Long Island, which I'm not exactly happy about, but you have to make the best of it.

I've been in a hurricane once. Hurricane Gloria in 1985 and I wasn't even a year old. So I'm a little panicked. My mom on the other hand she is taking it with a grain of salt. She cracks me up. I said to her what if my car floats away with all the water and her response "Oh that won't happen. A tree might fall on it but it won't float away." And she said it so matter-of-factly. Then she went on to say "Well hey if we lose power we won't have to go to work on Monday." So here I am expecting the worst and here she is looking on the bright side.

But even though the hurricane isn't sending her into a panic the earthquake we experienced definitely did. It freaked me out too. I live on the east coast for a reason. Earthquakes happen on the west coast not the east coast. It was only a three but it was enough to send me into a tizzy. It's not something you expect when you live in New York. I was sitting at my desk and a coworker came in to talk to me. She was sitting next to me as I was typing and my chair started to sway. I turned and looked down at her foot and started to say "Stop kicking," when she said, "You feel that too?" We both jumped up and ran out of my office. The garage to my building is right beyond my office wall and all I was thinking was something was about to blow. Then another coworker's mother called her and told her that their house was shaking and I realized it wasn't our building. Though, an earthquake didn't cross my mind until my brother called me and informed me that it was indeed an earthquake. Have you ever been in an earthquake? I couldn't imagine being in anything more than a three that was bad enough.

Since I keep talking about the wedding I thought I should share some pictures.
My Brother, Cousin Vin, Me and My Boyfriend Eric

My Grandma (AKA G-Ma)

My Uncle Bill, The Bride (Jen), Me, and The Groom (my cousin Bill)