Thursday, September 8, 2011

~Choosing My Next WIP~

As I have mentioned a few times already I finished the first draft of one of my WIP's. And while it sits I need to start working on something new. I cannot go a month without writing. I've already gone two days and it's weird not to be thinking about character traits and plotting. My problem is I have several ideas and I'm torn. I don't know which one to start working on.

When you have three ideas and have already outlined each of them and in addition are excited about all three, how do you choose? The funny thing is all three other than being YA are very different from each other and anything I have attempted before. All require research and I know will take me longer than my usual three months to complete the first draft. That's also been holding me up as well. Knowing it's not going to be as easy as my past projects where little research was required. But like my mom said to me today, "Not everything can be easy," and she's right. Not saying that completing a manuscript is easy because that is far from the truth, just meaning that my past projects I was comfortable with and these new ideas I have reservations about my ability to transfer my ideas from my mind onto paper.

To give you a sense of how different the three ideas are; one is a mystery about a boy who was framed for murder, another about witchcraft and the other one will take part in not only present day but the 1920's as well. So as you can see all three are worlds apart from one another.

So how do I choose? Has anyone else been torn between two or three ideas? If so how did you choose?


  1. I actually had this issue a month back. I had three ideas and wanted to do them all.

    One is super complicated. Like, I'm fairly certain I couldn't get it to work unless I already had representation, so that one was easy to put to the side.

    Then I started on the one that I couldn't stop thinking about MORE. (Because both were often in my head.)

    Ironically about 20,000 words in, I decided I couldn't stop thinking about the other one so I switched. Now I have 2 WIP that are a third done.

  2. Hi Kelley! I have a feeling that is exactly what is going to happen. I already wrote the first chapter for all three and I have a feeling I'm going to start on one but will jump ship to the others when it gets tough. But I guess I won't actually know until I go ahead with one of them.

  3. I had two ideas and wrote both at the same time. But after about 20 000 words in, one of the novels took over and I went with it. When I'm finished with this book, then I'll finish the other one.

  4. Ladonna: Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's really nice to know that I'm not the only one trying to decide between more than one project. Though it seems the right project will eventually take over and basically choose for you.

  5. I always do the flipping a coin test. Every single time I'm torn between them and then I toss that coin. At some point between it leaving my thumb and catching it in my hand I realize which one I want it to land on. Then, even if it doesn't I know I've made up my mind. Lol.

    I guess if you have three this could be a whole ordeal though...

  6. Megan: That's a really good idea. I think I can narrow it down to two and then I'm going to try it. Thanks :)