Thursday, September 15, 2011

What is your opinion on E-Readers

Remember a few posts ago how I said I couldn't get into The Hunger Games? Well, now I'm into it. It was slow moving in the beginning, a little too slow for my taste, but after page 102 I couldn't put the book down. I still haven't finished. I only have about fifty pages left but by midnight, knowing I had work in the morning, I forced myself to put it down. The review will be posted tomorrow. Finally.

In other news: I went back to my local Border's yesterday. As the countdown to closing day nears it only gets sadder. I bought another 9 books, somehow I missed them when I was there last, and spent $29. My mom I basically had to force to the register where she handed over 27 dollars for 31 books. It wasn't even the amazing deal that she got that caught my interest it was the comment from the girl at the register. After handing over the money my mom said, "I guess I can put my Nook down for a while."
The girl responded with, "Now that's what I like to hear," a halfhearted smile forming.
That's when I realized that the Nook that my mom loves is the reason this girl is losing her job. I couldn't help but ask, "Is the Nook the reason for this?" I just needed to hear it from her.
"Yeah," she said nodding her head, a sad look overtaking every single one of her features.
This is a Border's I have been going to for as long as I can remember. The girl at the register has been there for several years and I left wondering about what she'll do next and if she will ever own an E-Reader.

I'm kind of on the fence about the E-Reader's myself. My mom raves about hers. It's convenient and you don't have to worry about finding a place to store all those books. Still there is something about holding a book in my hand and being able to flip a few pages ahead when I get impatient or a few pages back when I get confused. And my mom argues that you can do that with the E-Reader but it's not the same. I don't know. Am I being too reluctant? Do you have an E-Reader? If so best thing ever? Or do you miss holding an actual book in your hands?

And because I always post the books I buy:  Um...My Amazon Associates sidebar is not working. Guess I will save it for later.  


  1. I finally broke down and bought the Nook. I LOVE it. I travel A LOT for my day job though so it's nice just to put it in my purse and know I will always have a book with me and many more waiting to be read.

    Though I do miss holding a book, so every once and a while I break down and buy one. I'm thinking about doing that for The Night Circus. We'll see.

    So I guess the answer is. Love the E-Reader, equally love actual books. It will be a constant balancing act ;)

    And when is your next manuscript going to be ready!?!? I'd love to read it!

  2. I have a feeling if I don't break down and buy one my boyfriend will buy it for me. Every time I walk in the house with a bag of books I get the look followed by, "And where do you plan on putting those?"

    But to me having all my books lined up on shelves and on tables is like having my own trophy case. People look at it and are like, "You read all of those?" and I'm like. "Yes. Yes I did." lol.

    And as far as my manuscript, I will probably send it to you on Saturday night or Sunday. I tried to leave it for a while before starting edits but I couldn't stay away. Plus I can't wait for you to read it and get your feedback :)

  3. I have a Kindle. I love that (for the most part) the books are cheaper and it's an instant gratification kind of thing. (I'm an Amazon addict) So with the Kindle I don't have to keep tracking the packages and waiting for them to arrive on my porch.

    Having said that, I LOVE regular books. Most of the time I'll buy a book for the Kindle, read it, love it and turn around and buy myself a hard copy. Partly because I also love to see all my collection of books on my shelves, and partly because I really love to support the authors of my favorite books.

    It's much easier to take the Kindle on vacation though. It helps me avoid those pesky baggage fees when my luggage weighs more than 50 lbs.

  4. I have the Kindle on my phone and have have a few books on there that I haven't read yet. I do think it is easier espically when you travel, but I still love to hold and smell a book. And that will never change.