Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From Submission to Bookshelves in Three Months. Really, Gossip Girl? Really?

I don't know if any of you watch Gossip Girl, but I just need to write about last night's episode. For those of you that do not watch the show this particular episode had to do with writing a book and getting it published. And that is why I feel the need to discuss it.

A little back story to understand this episode: Dan Humphrey wrote a book loosely based on his life and his "friends" but kept it in a draw. He wrote it for himself afraid to pursue getting it published because he didn't want his friends to read how he portrayed them. Of course, being TV and all, that wouldn't work. So send in Vanessa, the girl I don't even know why is on the show. She takes the manuscript and submits it to a publisher. Now here is where I started laughing.

From the time she submits it to the publisher to the time they make a deal and begin getting the book ready for shelves is less than three months. Vanessa left at the beginning of the summer and two episodes ago their summers were coming to an end so that is what I am basing my time frame on. Now two episodes later Dan has an agent and the book is completed and his first signing is scheduled. Not to mention it was going to be published anonymously until the previous episode when he finally stepped forward to claim the book as his.

Now I know it is a TV show, but really? From submission to bookshelves in three months' time. As a writer trying to break into the business I know this is the farthest thing from the truth that I couldn't help but laugh. No edits were needed, no contracts, no negotiations no nothing. He wrote a book. It was submitted. Three months later it was on shelves.  Can anyone else see the humor in this?