Tuesday, October 4, 2011

National Novel Writing Month

I have never participated in National Novel Writing Month but I decided that this year that is going to change. I just started work on a new WIP and I think NANO is exactly what I need. This particular WIP requires tons of research since a majority of the book will take place in the 1920's. I figured by the time November comes around I will have all the research I need to start that part of the book. It's one of those things that I just know if I don't put myself on a strict schedule of BIC (Butt in Chair) I'm going to keep second guessing myself and get discouraged. I'm excited to see if I can stick with it and what I will learn along the way.

Have any of you ever participated in National Novel Writing Month? If not do you plan on giving it a go this year? And if you have was it a success? Did you learn anything about yourself and your writing? Anything I need to know before going into it?  

If you want to sign up for this years head over to: http://www.nanowrimo.org/


  1. I never have but I'm all set to go this year.

    Hmmm...what to write? What to write...

  2. That's the fun part, choosing what idea to go with. I think I'm going to look like the lady in the picture by the time it is done.

    And I can't wait to see or should I say read what you choose :)

  3. I did it last year! It was great, but I wrote a lot in the first few weeks and hit 50K and it felt a little anticlimactic so I pushed myself for 100k. I did it, but my story was so rushed it sucked- so bad I didn't know where to start to fix it. So my advice, don't got for 100k in a month...

    But NaNo is really fun, and the people who put it on send you all these encouraging emails and stuff. It's really fun. :-)

  4. Hi! I've never participated in this, but I'm currently working on a novel. I'm curious about this and think I'll go over to there website and take a peek!

  5. Megan: 100k in a month now that is impressive even if it wasn't up to your standards. That's what I'm afraid of though rushing to get the words on the page and then when I finally go back having no clue where to start the editing. I'm going to give it a go anyway and hope for the best. I love the fact that they email you. I think that's great.

    Stacey: If you decide to participate I would love to hear about it. I'll be posting about it when the time comes so please keep us updated. And if you blog about it let me know :)

  6. Theresa, I'll let you know what I decide!