Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

For me, pumpkin picking is a tradition. I am huge on traditions. As soon as the calendar changes to October I have to go. And not to break tradition I go to the same farm my parents brought me to every year since I was a baby, Helen's.

The thing about Helen's is it's not just the fact that I have been going my whole life it's the fact that you actually pick the pumpkins off the vine. They are not randomly thrown in a field where you go pick out the best looking one and leave. Oh no. Going to Helen's is an adventure. You get a wheel barrow and you head into the actual field where the pumpkins are grown. Through mud, vines and more times than not rotting pumpkins, you keep your eyes open looking for the perfect pumpkin to pick off its vine. Some times You can find the perfect pumpkin already taken off its vine, but I leave those there for the people that are looking for convenience.

This year I went with the limit of three pumpkins set. I should know by now that no matter how many times I set a limit I will never stop when I get to that limit. So in true Theresa fashion or what I like to call tradition I went above my limit of three and returned home with six pumpkins and a pot of mums. It was a blast. Fall would not be fall if I didn't go pumpkin picking.

Do you go pumpkin picking? Do you have any fall traditions?