Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First Day of Nano.

Happy November! And we know what that means. It is the first day of Nanowrimo. I'm not pulling my hair out. Yet. I'm sure I will get there soon. And when I do I will be sure to keep you all posted. For the next month my mind will be in 1925. I hope it goes according to plan. In the meantime I thought I would fill you in on what my book is about. Here is a summary of my WIP: (As for the hair pulling -I wrote this last night before my laptop got a virus *insert sad face* hopefully I will have it fixed soon)

Millie torn between the guy her parents want her to date, Jimmy, and the guy she loves, Shane, chooses to date both. When Jimmy brings her to a Roaring Twenties themed charity event at one of the Newport Mansions she is transported back to August 1925 where everyone thinks she is her great grandmother, Mildred Covington. Mildred lost everything on this night including the boy she loved and now Millie has the chance to make it right. Soon Millie is over her head with a secret lover, a fiance who is not only a tobacco magnate but also a silent partner to one of the top bootleggers in Rhode Island, a crooked sheriff, and The Klan. Can Millie wrong the rights of the past? Or are these wrongs meant to be a bigger lesson for the present?

And the first 250 words: (Yay I'm getting somewhere)
            The hot August air of Newport clung to her skin as she ran from the cottage she had been spending her summers at since she was born. The blaring jazz music being played in the grand dining room faded. The house, while she loved it, had a habit of making her feel as if she was suffocating.
            Summers were supposed to be relaxing and fun, but when your parents were trying to pawn you off to one of the most eligible bachelors of Newport’s high society it was exhausting. Richard Hollingsworth was eldest son to tobacco magnate John Hollingsworth and his socialite wife Helen.
            Richard was everything her parents wanted for her. Though, if Millie had to spend one more second listening to Richard and her father discuss their investments and the stock market, which her father couldn’t ever say enough about, she was going to scream.
            Instead of screaming she chose to sneak away. After all she didn’t want to make a spectacle of herself. As she rounded the gardens, the beaded dress, her mother insisted she wear to the dinner party, to draw Richard’s attention, weighed heavy on its delicate straps. A shock to Millie since her mother was usually against anything ‘flapper’ like. Her mother still preferred the elegance of the early part of the century as Millie did not.
            “Darling it’s Coco Chanel,” her mother had said to her as she hung it in her dressing room as if it being designer made it okay.
What are you working on for Nano? And if you aren't participating in Nano, how are you spending your November?