Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Love Dark Ya Blogfest Week 2

It's Wednesday and that means it is time for this weeks I Love Dark Ya Blogfest post. This week we had to write a 500 word of less flash fiction piece inspired by the picture of the girl posted below. Now I write books. Writing flash fiction or even a short story I find more challenging than writing three hundred pages. So this is my attempt at writing flash fiction. Be gentle I'm a newbie :) 

Lies. It was all lies. Sean betrayed her. If she stuck around instead of taking off into the woods she probably would have seen him holding the knife. The one he used to stab her in the back.
She didn’t need to see the blood running down its blade to know the boy she thought loved her was only using her as a pawn in his game.
He told her he loved her. Told her she was the only girl for him. When in reality he was sleeping with the enemy, Stacey, the girl who made a habit of ripping out her happiness from beneath her.
The vision of his face seared her heart. How could she be so stupid? She was a nobody and he was charming and strikingly handsome, but she believed in fairy tales and he was her Prince Charming. She should have listened to her mother all those years ago when she told her Fairy Tales were child’s play.
Her mother, the woman who lived to destroy Becca’s dreams was right. No boy would love her. After all she was the reason her father left. She was six the last time she saw him.
According to her mother she was too much to handle and he couldn’t be the father he thought she needed so he left. He left her to be her mother’s scapegoat. Placing blame on Becca was easier than admitting that maybe she too had a hand in his departure.
Sean’s betrayal would only aid in her mother’s delusions. Becca was alone. A girl incapable of receiving love.
A break in the clouds shone bright rays through the trees. She lifted her arm to block the light. Light was happy and she was miserable. She wished for the grey skies to return when she heard the breaking of twigs behind her.
Her body froze in fear. He wouldn’t have followed her. He made it very clear in front of the entire cafeteria that she was nothing. It was all a set up to watch her crash and burn. Then he hugged Stacey while the rest of her classmates pointed and laughed.
No he wouldn’t have followed her.
A gentle hand rested on her shoulder. “Becca,” his voice drifted into her ears like a familiar song. Slowly he turned her until her eyes were looking into the boy who always caught her when she fell. Brett.  
“Don’t cry,” he said swiping his finger under her eye.
She went to talk, but the words wouldn’t come. A sheet of glass formed in her eyes and when he took her in his arms the glass shattered. Tears streamed down her cheeks, leaving wet pools on his white shirt.
No matter what. No matter how hard life got and no matter how many times her mother reminded her that no boy would ever love her Brett would show up. Because he was her best friend and that’s what best friends do. They remind you that you are loved. 


  1. Awe, great story! The voice in this was great. Nice job.Yay for best friends!

  2. I love your sweet ending. Turning it around to something uplifting was lovely to read.

  3. Oh. So very sweet. It's dark but romantic and I love Brett already;)

  4. That was sweet. Brett, what a hero. :)

  5. Aww, I wasn't expecting any of these to be sweet. You should expand :)

  6. The world needs more best friends like this =) Great story!

  7. AWESOME header....Stopping by to look around.



  8. Great piece and I love the sense of hope at the end. Best friends rock.

  9. Thanks everyone for stopping by :)