Friday, November 18, 2011

I've got Crap

I am at that point. You know the point. The one where you think everything that you are writing is crap. Yup, I have officially arrived. I was so gung ho in the beginning, but once I got to 25,000 words it turned to crap. Now I'm at 29,000 and I feel like everything I have written is crap. As you can see there is a whole lot of crap. It is so frustrating. I want to write and I had this whole plan but now my goals seem to be slipping away.

I got to one point in my WIP where I just got stuck and if you've read previous posts you know it's not the first time. This time though I didn't know where to go and what exactly I wanted to happen, so I added more drama to a drama ridden story. So now I"m wondering is there such thing as too much drama? Ahhhhhh! Okay I feel better now.

And if that's not enough to weigh heavy on my mind, I start thinking okay well I can wrap it up soon and bring it all together, but I'm only on page 115 and I'm only at 29,000 words, I need at least 30,000 more to go. Maybe I should just stop thinking. That might actually be my best bet.

Okay. I'm sorry for my mini freak out. Hope NaNo is going much better for everyone else. Would love to hear updates. Leave them in the comments.



    As your critique partner it is my responsibility to be your cheerleader. Plus, I DO totally believe in you, so that's not to hard of a job :)

  2. Thanks Kelley :)It's nice to have someone to count on to cheer you on.

    I'm forcing myself to sit in front of my computer today and I'm not allowed to move until I can get out of the corner I wrote myself into. Fingers crossed.