Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I wasn't going to do it. I was going to resist the urge. Deny the chance to set myself up for failure. What can I say? I'm a sucker for tradition. I always make New Years resolutions and even if I don't always follow through I do try. I have to give myself credit for trying. I feel like if I list my resolutions on my blog, the world will know, and that gives me a little more motivation to accomplish and achieve.

Here goes nothing:

1) Start a new WIP
2) Get an agent (2012 is my year. I can feel it.)
3) Read a classic every two months (Yes I went there)
4) Head back to the gym (I did feel amazing when I was going every day)
5) Stop eating cookies and start eating real meals
6) Go through my clothes and get rid of some (I still have jeans I wear from 7th grade. I'm 27)
7) Read at least one book a week
8) Write 1,000 words a day
9) Find a job I love
10) Get off the couch and use the desk I had to have
11) Spend more time with my Grandma
12) Finish the Hunger Games trilogy
13) Make time to see my friends
14) Mountain bike more (After a bad fall last summer I've been avoiding it. My BF has been trying his hardest to get me back on my bike and I think it's time I hit the trails again)
15) Learn to drive stick

I'm sure I could keep going. I won't. I'll keep those in my mind. It's funny how it takes a new year for me to commit to the things I should have been doing all along. While many fear 2012, I welcome it with open arms. 2011 was not the best year for me, but I have a feeling 2012 may just be my year.

So all I have to say is:
Happy New Years Everyone!


  1. That's a great of goals. A few years back, I had the 'read a classic every month' goal. I only made it until about June.

    Good luck with them and have a great New Year...

  2. you have awesome goals.. I've tried reading the classics.. I'm gonna be honest. they BORE me, LOL

    I've started reading your stuff earlier in the week... I'm really enjoying it :)
    I won't be able to get back to it until after the weekend, but I can't wait to read more. I will probably send you a few of chapters back at a time :)

    Have a fabulous weekend :)

  3. M.J.: I'm hoping I can last that long. It's going to be tough. Happy New Year.

    Cristina: Oh they bore me too, which is why I haven't really read many of them. Thought it was time to attempt it.

    Yay! And no rush, just happy you're taking the time to read it for me. Hope to read more of your WIP in the new year.

    Happy New Year :)

  4. This is a great list! I especially like the one about reading a classic every couple of months. I've been wanting to do that too for a while now. I need to broaden my reading horizons a touch. Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!

  5. Jaime: That's why I added it to the list. Time to read outside of my comfort zone. We'll see how it goes. I'll be posting about my progress or lack of. Happy New Year!

  6. Ooo, good for you. How about, you read the classics and tell me what they're about and what I can learn from them ;) Hehe.

    2012 is 'Theresa's Year for an Agent'. I can feel it :)

    And when your finished with that new WIP you know who's dying to read it, right? :)

  7. Kelley: I was actually thinking of doing a monthly post with the title To Read or Not to Read and then give my honest review of a classic. It should be interesting. lol.

    I think 2012 is both of our years, so fingers crossed!

    And if I can just get the first page going I'd be good, but I'm stuck with how to start it. Always something, but I'll get there.