Monday, December 5, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Yesterday for my birthday I went out to get my Christmas Tree. I went with my parents because they have an SUV and the fact that my dad never lets me pay for anything doesn't hurt. Usually going to get a tree turns into an all day affair. My mom is picky. Beyond picky. She once told a guy at a tree farm that if she got it home and didn't like it, she would return it. True story. My mom is a sweetheart, but don't mess with her Christmas tree.

Yesterday I got in the back seat with my boyfriend, mom and dad in front and we headed out. We went to a place where we got our trees last year and this year in ten minutes we had our trees. When I say this never happens, I mean this never happens. My boyfriend kept saying something's going to happen. The trees are going to fly off the roof on the highway or a squirrel is going to jump out when we have it in the house. We all agreed. But nothing went wrong. My tree is up and ready for decorations as is my parents.

I can't wait to decorate it. My boyfriend bought me adorable ornaments for my birthday. A couple of years ago we had a mishap when the tree fell over. I lost a lot of ornaments. Some very special ornaments and while they cannot be replaced, I actually still hang some of the broken ones, I can add new ones with new memories.

Now the question of the day: Real or Fake? What type of tree do you have? I refuse to buy a fake tree, but that's just me. Almost everyone I know has a fake tree. I grew up with real and I'm a creature of habit. And if you don't celebrate Christmas and you celebrate another holiday I would love to hear about your own traditions.
Putting the tree up at my parents house = 20 minutes of Is it straight?
 Bringing the tree into our apartment.
It's a little thin compared to the monsters we've had in the past but at least we can get into the bathroom this year.


  1. Haha! Get into the bathroom :)

    We always had a fake one growing up so in our apartment we have a fake one.

    And I'm beyond lazy. I bought a fake one that already has the lights on it! But it looks real. And if I light an evergreen candle it smells real :)

  2. I have a fake tree now with the lights on it. Stringing lights is awful, but I do miss that pine scent. Your tree is beautiful!

  3. I guess I'm lucky because I don't have to do the lights. That's my boyfriends job and he loves it. And I have seen the prelit trees and they are gorgeous. Sometimes you can't even tell that they are fake.

    I'm actually burning a candle right now my mom got me it's Slatkin and CO Fresh Balsam its amazing. You'll think you are in the middle of the forest. SO E.R. if you miss the scent you'll love this candle.

  4. We have a fake tree. But I do miss the scent of pine, though. It is so pretty.

    Great tree. Thanks for sharing.