Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday and New Years Plans

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Today's Topic: What were your top five favorite books of 2011?
I already did a post about this last week, (well top ten. How can I only pick five?) and you can read it here.

In other news, I love waking up to no water. The management company is always really good with putting a flyer in our mailbox for every little event taking place within the community. Somehow this particular event slipped through the cracks. All I have to say is, thank God I had water in my Keurig machine. Anywho....

New Year's is only days away.  I'm staying in and my cousins and their significant others are coming over. I'll make way too many hors devours and we'll play board games until Dick Clark comes on to count down the ball. For me it's the perfect way to ring in the New Year. What about you? Any big plans?


  1. Bummer about the water!

    Ooo, sounds like fun! I'll be heading to a friend's house for food and fun.

    A number of people will then head out to the bars after the ball drops. We'll see if I'm one of those people... :)

  2. I would love to be one of those people but once the ball drops I'm ready to call it a night. lol.

  3. I'm doing the same thing this year just a couple close friends snacks and loads of fun!

  4. J.A: I've gone out in the past but I always have the most fun when I stay in. Plus instead of five inch heels I can wear my slippers :)

  5. We'll follow our long-established New Year's tradition: my husband will fall asleep in front of the TV (it gets earlier every year, so it should be around 7:30) and me and the cats will stay awake until 10 or so. Then we'll all get woken up by neighbors banging pots in the street and mumble "happy new year" as we stumble to bed. Good times.

  6. Angelica: I kind of love that :)

  7. Can one ever really make too many hors d'oeuvres? :) My plans are pretty much the same, only with my hubby and kids. Oh, and sparkling cider in fancy stemware.

  8. I plan to eat stuff that I normally wouldn't and stay up too late playing games. Fun blog - new follower :)

  9. Peggy: There are never too many hors d'oeuvres! (I so did not spell that right in the post. Oops.) And sparkling cider sounds yummy!

    Tasha: I feel like New Years is the one day when you can eat everything and anything and it doesn't count. Eat up! I know I'm going to. And welcome. I love new followers *waves*