Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NaNoing in January

I've mentioned before that I have started a new WIP. What I didn't mention is that since NaNo went well for me in November I decided to do my own NaNo in January. What am I thinking? I know. I must be crazy. I'm not. I think that NaNo was a great motivator. I didn't have the luxury of pushing my WIP aside and saying oh I don't feel like writing today. I had no choice but to write. I also wrote a story I didn't think I was capable of writing. And after revisions and help from Kelley (my critique partner) and sending it out to several other people, I am almost ready to begin querying. It was an idea I had in my mind for over a year but was too scared to write. NaNo didn't give fear a chance to consume me. I know there are many people out there that don't believe in the idea of writing a novel in a month, but after doing it, I do.

Do you have any writing goals this month? Have you ever done your own NaNo?


  1. I think it's a great idea!
    I don't have the luxury of treating each month of the year as it was NaNo, but I try it every 2 or 3 months ... and it's a great way to get things out lol
    This month, I signed up for EditPalooza, a workshop from Savvy Authors, where editors teach you their 3-pass editing system, so you can apply to your manuscript yourself! I heard it's very hard work ... I hope I learn something ;)
    Good luck with your NaJaWriMo!

  2. Juliana: Thank you :) and I like NaJaWriMo! I'll have to use that. And good luck to you too. That workshop sounds awesome!

  3. This might be the first month since I became an 'official writer' that I might not write. Ah! Of course there's a wee bit of editing going on.

    Maybe I'll just start on book too in hopes books one finds a home soon. Lord knows the characters keep talking through scenes in the next book in my head all the time! :)

    Good for you for writing so much in January! I can't wait to read it!

  4. I wish they'd move the official NaNo to January...seems much more doable to me than Nov with Thankgiving and the other holidays coming up.

    Still, it's smart to do yours alone in Jan. as you can avoid the Dec/Jan NaNo rush to submit to agents.

  5. Kelley: Every now and again you need a break. I haven't really written anything since the beginning of December. Like you my characters would not shut up! lol. But it helped with the brainstorming :)

    Jennifer: I agree. November is a pretty harsh month to stick to a strict writing schedule, since so much other stuff is going on.

  6. My First Born and I were discussing this just the other day--why do they do NaNoWriMo in November? It's such an inconvenient month (Thanksgiving, Christmas coming...)--everyone is busy. And we have two birthdays in November to deal with too! They should definitely consider a different month. All the best to you with NaJaWriMo! :)

  7. Colin: Wow two birthdays too! That's a lot on one plate. I'm really curious now as to why they chose November. It seems we are all on the same page with it not being the best month. I also think its great that you were just discussing this the other day.

    And thank you :)