Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where Do I Write?

I missed this weeks Road Trip Wednesday, hosted by YA Highway, but after commenting on Colin Smith's blog (Check it out) I decided I would expand on my comment and post it a day late. This weeks topic: Describe your dream writing retreat. Where would you go? Who and what would you bring?

Every book I have ever written has been done so on my couch. I get distracted very easily and I feel if I were to go to one of the amazing places that other writers chose I would not be able to concentrate. I would want to be out basking in the sun, backstroking in the ocean, taking part in excursions and taking pictures of every single flower, tree and building I see. 

Perfect example, I went to Aruba a few years ago with my boyfriend and his parents and I thought it would be the best time and place to focus on my writing. I had been to Aruba the year prior with friends so really I had seen everything already, perfect opportunity to write. Right? Definitely not. I don't think I wrote a single word that week. I was too busy snorkeling, eating, tubing, parasailing and so on. Below are some pictures of me 'hard at work'.

Drinking and taking in the views.
As you can see, easily distracted. My couch seems to be the one place where I can sit, get in the zone and lose myself in my story and characters without any distractions. I actually bought a desk last year. I was so excited to get it that I made my boyfriend stop whatever he was doing and put it together that very second. A year later I have used it maybe twice. So as sad as it is, my dream writing retreat is where I write everyday. My couch. And all I need is a cup or three of coffee or tea. Now if the subject was my dream place to get inspiration I could come up with a million places, but still I would take in the inspiration and come home to write. 
What about you? What is your dream writing retreat?


  1. On my blog I put up Maldives, those huts over the water, where I would TRY not get too distract by the amazing view. But of course, when I read Colin's post, I also thought that writing at home with my family around is a perfect place to write ;)

  2. Oh the huts over the water! Those huts are my dream vacation! The water would be calling my name. I wonder if you had the luxury to stay there for a month if after a week or two the calling would die down....Hmm....

  3. I love writing in three places:

    My house (at the kitchen table. I think there's a butt indentation in the one chair I always use.)

    The airport (there's just enough hubbub so that it's not quiet but nobody bothers you and other than people watching nothing interesting happens.)

    Hotel room (after my workout, other than TV there's nothing else to do. This is for business o course. If I were on vacation I spend very little time in the hotel room :))

  4. Ha! Nobody sits in my spot on the couch because they sink into it. I tell them it's shaped for me :)

    As far as the airport- I'm the one hyperventilating into a bag before boarding. I wouldn't even be able to concentrate on writing. Or maybe I should try. lol.

  5. I chose the north of Scotland for mine, but in reality the work gets done at my computer in my home office. I just wish I could transplant my home office to somewhere far cooler than Alberta, Canada. Like Scotland. And there would be men in kilts and cool Scottish accents. A girl can dream :) Great (and honest) post!

  6. Jaime: What a fantastic choice! My grandmother was from Scotland and I have always wanted to go to the place she spent the first part of her life. They say pictures never do justice, but my how stunning they are. I could only imagine how beautiful it would be in person.

    You all are making me want to get over my fear of long plane rides and head off to one of these awesome places.

  7. Thanks for the shout-out Theresa! I agree, there are loads of places that can give you inspiration, but when it comes to actually putting that inspiration into a novel, the work happens at home.

  8. Colin: You're welcome. I loved your post because I agreed with it so much :)