Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I was Tagged! (Sorry for the formatting. It's so bad)

First off I want to say a HUGE thank you to Cassie and Hope for hosting the Is it getting hot in here blog hop. I had a blast hopping around reading everyone's steamy scenes and getting to meet so many new people.  Hi to all my new followers. Holy cow 75! I will do my hardest not to bore you :) 

I apologize for the annoying white highlighting. I can't get it to go away. I understand if your eyes can't handle it. I've tried everything, but it's still there! Ugh! Anywho...

I was tagged by Kelley (Between the Bookends), I'm pretty sure everyone knows Kelley, but if you don't go check out her blog. You will be happy you did.

So...the idea behind the tag is this (stolen from Kelley's blog):
The idea of this, is that it's a "getting to know you" quiz, so I will answer the questions Kelley sent me, then I have to post 11 new questions, and tag another 11 people to answer those. No pressure, just a bit of fun! :D 

1. If you could travel back in time, what period would you most like to see? 
Oh God how do I pick? I'm a HUGE history buff, but since a recent WIP took place in the 1920's and I did so much research I'd have to say 1920's. I'd hang out at a speakeasy, drink bootlegged liquor,and  drive in a Ford Model T. I don't think I could drive it- it's complicated- think Jack in the Box.

2. What is your favorite tree?
Easy. Weeping Willow.

3. Do you prefer the sandy beach or a cabin in the mountains?
Sandy beach. Every year my family rented a beach house and my parent's have had a boat all my life. I grew up on the sandy shores of Long Island/Fire Island. I couldn't imagine life without it. But a cabin in the mountains is very close because I dream of going to a place like Montana. I've read so many books that have taken place there and it just sounds absolutely beautiful. 

4. Which celebrity do you most resemble and why?

Even though I don't see it Julia Roberts. My entire life people have told me this. Once at a restaurant with my mom the waitress sat down next to me (weird I know) and said "You know you look exactly like Julia Roberts, right?" Another time I was in the city for the Halloween Parade I dressed up as Lucille Ball. After the parade I took the wig off and while walking in the street a guy stops in front of me points then calls to his friends "Holy Sh*t guys it's Julia Roberts!" And those are just two of the many times this has happened to me.

5. Fill in the blank. I would never give up writing.

6. Coffee or Tea?  Both. Coffee in the morning, green tea in the afternoon and herbal tea at night.

7. A date with Brad Pitt or jumping out of a plane?
When I was 16 this would have been easy. Jumping out of a plane. Now I hate planes. Hate them with a passion so I would never jump out of one. So I guess a date with Brad Pitt but he wouldn't be my first choice.

8. If you could donate $1,000,000 to any charity, which would it be?  
I hate to choose. Um. I donate to St Jude's and they always send me pictures of the children who are being helped by the donations and just knowing that the little I give can mean the world of difference to a child and give them a life they may have lost I'd gladly give them $1,000,000. 

9. What is a place you've never been, but would like to visit?
I can't choose one. Italy and Scotland. Italy not just because I'm Italian but because I love the history. Scotland because my grandmother was born and lived there until she was 19. I'd love to see where she grew up. Plus me and my mom are writing a book and majority of it will take place in Scotland.

10. What is your favorite sweet?  
Caramello's. And Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Yum!

11. Who do you admire most (anyone alive or dead)?   
My Parents :) 

Okay I tag (The last 11 people who commented)
Deana Barnhart
Rachel Morgan
Trisha (Word + Stuff)
Lara Schiffbauer
Rachel Pudelek 
Rachel Mary Bean 
Leigh Covington
Shell Flower 
Tara Tyler
Crystal Licata 
Morgan Shamy
Now your 11 questions: The formatting in this post is AWFUL! Sorry...

1)     Favorite Book & Why?
2)     Favorite Movie & Why?
3)     Hobby other than reading and writing?
4)     Dream Vacation?
5)     If you could have dinner with one person living or dead who would it be?
6)     What would the conversation consist of?
7)    What would you eat?
8)    Desert Island three items what would they be? (I’m running out of questions)
9)    Favorite place to write/read?
10  Most embarrassing moment?
11  If you had the opportunity to go back in time and change one thing would you? And what would it be? 


  1. how fun, what a great idea this is!

    1. It really is :) and thank you for reading even though the format is a mess.

  2. love the fact your parents are who you admire :) . lovely xo

    1. I didn't even have to think about it. Hoping over to your blog now :)

  3. Yesssss! Scotland!!!! *sighs* I'd love to go there... ;)

    Woot! Thanks for the tag! Just added your link on my post today. You rock, girl! :D

    1. Aww you rock too :)

      And yes, Scotland! *sigh* One day :)

  4. You're writing a book with your mom!!! How awesome is that??

    And Julia Roberts, heh? That is such a compliment girl! When we finally 'meet' I'll let you know if its true ;)

    1. We just started talking about it one day and next thing you know we had an outline and the first 25 pages written. Now if we could just buckle down and finish it. My mom's pretty dang creative. If we ever do finish it I'm sending it to you!

      And it is a huge compliment! I just don't see it. I'll let you day. Maybe on your book tour! Oh that would be AWESOME! :)

  5. what a great tag meme! we get to switch up the questions!
    and lucky me, i got tagged! thanks =)

    ps, i got to visit scotland as a teen, a business trip, research for developing a golf course! so beautiful! go!!!

    1. Your welcome :)

      I'm so jealous! The pictures look fake, I could only imagine how gorgeous it is in person.