Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Living to Write

I don't know about you guys, but this new layout is making my head hurt. I would have posted sooner, I was just so mad at Blogger for changing the layout. But you guys know I can't stay away from you all for too long.

Now I have to think of a post. I'm still researching books on tape. Anybody have any more info on them?

My posting has been a little less frequent because as most of you all know I got a job. A real job, that is actually making use of the degree I spent five and a half years of my life working towards. So far it's been great. It hasn't even been three weeks yet, but I'm just so happy to be up and out. Being unemployed is fun for the first month, after that it's awful. The best part about it was being able to spend my days writing, blogging and tweeting and while I miss it dearly, probably too much, I'm happy to be back to work.

Sitting home day after day in front of my computer, forcing myself to open a Word document and write was probably the worst thing for me. The ideas weren't flowing. At all! It came to a point where the idea of writing and even reading made me wrinkle my nose and walk in the other direction. Since I've been back to work, my notebook that is always in my bag, is halfway filled with ideas, quotes and character descriptions. My reading slump is officially over. I have read 23 (about to be 24) books between March and April. And my desire to keep reading is only growing with each book I finish.

I realized you can't force yourself to write because that's when it loses its appeal. Writing is my escape from the every day, as well as a way to translate my experiences and other people's experiences. In order to write you need to live, or at least for me that is how it works. My best writing days always come after a hectic week. I have so many new ideas fighting it out in my head, begging me to write them down first. It's the best part of my week.

Sorry to cut it short, but I have to get ready for work tomorrow and pack clothes for my softball game, another double header. We won our first game 28 or 32 to 0! Once it hit 20 to 0 it didn't really matter anymore. Hopefully it wasn't just beginners luck. I'll post about my first softball practice and how the girl who talked me into joining wound up with the balls stitches in her forehead and a black eye, another day :)

So in the comments I want to know, when do you do your best writing. Are you like me and need to go out and experience life in order for the ideas to really flow? Or can you force yourself to sit in front of your computer and just write?


  1. First, congrats on your job!
    Second, it depends. On several factors.
    I'm a writer full time, so I can't wait for inspiration to hit me. I want to treat it as my job, so I need to force my writing out or I won't get much done.
    The words flow, they just might not flow as fast or as easy when I'm struck by inspiration or in the middle of an exciting scene.
    I'm trying and learning to be more disciplined about my writing. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to sit my butt down and write non-stop for hours at a time ;)

    1. Thanks :)

      Discipline and me have never gone together. lol. With that said, I still set goals and still force myself to put my butt in the chair and write. As a writer sometimes you have no choice. But I am definitely more productive after a long day of being out and about then say if I stayed home trying to write. If that makes sense. It does in my mind lol

  2. I worked myself into a Monday to Friday schedule of writing in the afternoons. This seemed to work for me for the longest time, but lately it's been a struggle due to circumstances outside my control. I also set a daily word goal of 1000 words and most days this was attainable. I know it doesn't work this way for everyone. I knew that if I wasn't disciplined about it, I'd never get any writing done, so I'm happy this worked for me. I hope you find the inspiration you need :)

  3. Yay, that's so good about your job! At the moment I'm writing Monday to Friday, 1000 words a day :) I used to be really "ahh let the words come to me, such a creative mind as mine cannot be scheduled!" Then I realised how stoopid that was and now I make myself do it, and it's working out pretty well!

  4. Yes. Congrats!

    Gah. I've tried everything. I have found when I force myself to sit and write I do have success, but it's when inspiration strikes it's better. So I guess I'm pretty much always trying to write whether it's forced or not! ;)