Sunday, August 5, 2012

Celebrate Good Times. Come On!

I pulled another disappearing act, but so much has happened in my writing circle (actually it's more like a tree with a hundred branches) I have to take time to acknowledge it.

First off, I'm sure most of you already know but just in case you don't, Cassie snagged herself an agent! *throws confetti* And now the world will have a chance to fall in love with Zak and Zoe. I already have and for those of you who have not read HOW TO DATE A NERD you are in for a treat. No that doesn't sum it up enough. You are in for a brownie sundae with extra hot fudge, sprinkles, cherries and everything else that can be put on ice cream. So if you haven't yet, hop over to her blog and give her a big chest bump!

Second, Kelley is getting published! (Again I'm sure you all know) Sapphire Star Publishing picked up her awesome book FRACTION OF STONE. *claps and throws fist in the air* I still remember the first time I read her first draft and I couldn't put it down. I was glued to my laptop, needing to know what was going to happen next and how the story would unfold. It will be released March 7th and I can't wait to buy it. Hop over to Kelley's blog and give her a big congrats and high fives!

Like I said so much has happened and it has been one clapping, fist pumping celebration. I'm so excited for both of them and can't wait to see where their writing career will take them.

And in other news, Cassie and I just finished our collaboration and I am so pumped about this story. If you haven't seen it in our WIP tabs here it is:

Title: King Sized Beds and Happy Trails
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance 

Word Count: 55,000
Progress: Out with CP's
A collab with the awesome Cassie Mae about two best friends who discover their feelings for each other on a senior ski trip.

It's fun and in the words of Cassie smexy! 

Okay it's not finished completely, but we did write 'The End' and did our own critiques so we are on our way.

Any good news come your way while I've been MIA? Or just in the writing/blog community?


  1. Cool, I didn't know you were writing with Cassie! Looking forward to finding out more about it! :D

  2. yay for all the awesome news! and "King Sized Beds and Happy Trails" is one of the best titles I've ever seen. so so good. I'm sure the story is just as fabulous :)

  3. Ditto on what Cristina said--that's a total attention grabber. I love it.

  4. Awww, thanks sweetie! So much good news! And a butt grab for us for finishing draft one of KSBHT! (I keep reading that as KBullshit, haha!) I hope our cps fall in love with it as much as we did. :)

    We'll have to do another one... just sayin' ;)

  5. Awesome! I love finishing a first draft. Then the fatigue hits and I never do quite the job I mean to with the revisions.

    And so much happy for Cassie and Kelley!

  6. Wow! Big congrats all around! Enjoy you guys :)

  7. You guys have NO IDEA how excited I am about your collab!!! I get to start this weeks since its in my inbox NOW! :)

  8. AH!! I can't wait to read this!! You guys are going to have something awesome, I'm sure!