Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy Monday

Where have I been? I wish I could say I was sailing the oceans of the Caribbean or sightseeing in Paris and Rome, but the truth is. I've really been doing nothing. And you know what? It's been great.

I was blocked. Stressed. Unable to find balance between my day job and my writing and I finally stopped trying. Instead of writing I read. Instead of blogging I caught up on TV. I did whatever I felt like when I got home. And you know what? Out of nowhere my writing came back to me. I finished a chapter in my newest WIP and started working on edits for an older one. I don't think I suck as much as I did before I stopped trying. I'm actually really happy with what I wrote.

Being a writer is tough. Some days it's downright heartbreaking, world ending, how the hell am I supposed to do this. But now I know when I hit that wall, it's time to step away. As a writer I feel if I'm not writing I'm failing. And to be frank that's bullshit. Some times you just need to zone it all out and have a little time to yourself. It works. And now I'm happy to be back.

Have you ever stepped away to re-energize?  If you're a writer do you feel like if you don't write you're failing?


  1. I don't feel like I'm failing, but I do feel like I should be doing something. Whether it's writing or editing. But something... Lately I've been watching more TV, I have the computer on my lap, and I'm not paying 100% to the TV, but it's more relaxed. Fireplace on, kids in bed, quiet. :)

  2. I do... like if I can't even manage to get one paragraph out than I am bad writer. When that happens I switch gears and beta read. That way I feel like a productive author even though I can't seem to string two sentences together.

    Glad you are back and the words are flowing again!

  3. When I'm not writing I feel like all I do is think about writing. It's almost a guilt thing. Like "Why am I watching Grey's Anatomy before I finished that chapter" or "Wow, I didn't even touch the computer today, what's wrong with me?" But sometimes taking a break is absolutely the best thing. I might spend the whole break irritated with myself for doing nothing but when I come back to things I'm almost always in a better place! Good luck keeping the flow going!

  4. I know what you mean. I went through that time, but then I learned to back off and give myself a little more slack. Yes it drives me nuts that I can't just turn out these books in my brain like a printer dashes off copies, but I can't. I have to refill the cup. Sometimes it's easier than others, sometimes it's pulling teeth.

    In the end, I schedule time for myself, and I evaluate where I am before I set weekly goals. If I know I can't make it, then I'll give myself a mental hour, day, week off. And yeah, the writing comes back. It never went away, but sometimes it helps to give it some breathing room.

  5. Girl, we have been going through the exact same thing! And it totally worked out for me too! I love it! Glad you're back to writing and glad the break did you some good. Sometimes that's just what it takes :)