Monday, March 25, 2013

Happy Monday

If you participated in the Matchelor today we reveal our first two pairs over at Falling For Fiction. If you didn't sign up still stop by and see the questionnaires the other participants filled out and see why we thought they made good matches.

I have off for the next two days and I intend on catching up on my blog posts. Unfortunately I'm also dealing with a cold from hell. So I'll be doing my best in between sneezing and blotting my teary eyes.

Any crazy home remedies you can recommend?At this point I'll try anything.

Happy Monday, Everyone!


  1. As for home remedies, I always recommend tea with honey and lemon. it helps the throat not feel quite so raw. As for a stuffed up nose, there's a crazy line of thought that says if you want to clear up your nose have some really hot wasabe or horseradish. It's not entirely pleasant, so be sure you're really up for it...

  2. Ginger tea! Slice or grate up some ginger root, boil it with water, honey, lemon juice, and a cinnamon stick, strain and drink. Add some rum if you REALLY want to sleep.

    Garlic is also great for kicking colds out of the system, but I wouldn't recommend making tea from it ...