Friday, July 5, 2013

Better Late than Never!

I went to BEA over a month ago and I'm finally getting a chance to tell you all about it. Walking into the Javits Center was like walking into my parent's living room on Christmas morning. I couldn't stop smiling. Then the greatest thing happened.

My mom told me we had to go check in and get our passes but I saw the Penguin Truck and since I had just recently signed with Berkley (Penguin) I needed to go over. It was right outside the doors shining in all its orange glory.

As I walked up to the truck I turned to my mom in total fangirl mode. 

"Holy crap, Mom. That's Sarah Dessen!"
"How do you know? Are you sure?"

Though I did check her name tag before I opened my mouth because my mom had me all paranoid. lol And I was right. Even though I already knew I was. I asked if she'd take a picture with me because lets face it, I'm a loser. Can I just say she couldn't have been nicer.

As we posed for the picture my mom decides to tell Sarah Dessen and Colleen Lindsay! (who works with Berkley and who I told, I knew her from Twitter because I'm sure she hadn't heard that a thousand times. *palm to forehead*) that I just signed with Penguin. Sarah Dessen told me how great Penguin is and congratulations and then I totally babbled and told her she's one of the reasons I write and I've read all her books and she's amazing. Yes. Yes I did. Told you. Totally fangirled it. And I am not ashamed.

Afterwards I turned to my mom and told her we could leave. Nothing could top that. We laughed, both fangirled it and then went and got our name badges. With our badges came a bag full of books. Before we even walked in the door we had free books! Granted it was $50 a ticket but still that first bag paid for itself.

In the end I came home with 26 free books and an audio book!
The first row of books are all signed!! And a few below that. Jamie McGuire, Sylvia Day, Cora Cormack. Jessica Sorenson are just a few.

More pictures:
 Jamie McGuire

Yes! That is me and Jim Carrey!

I cannot wait for next year! I had so much fun! However, me and my mom decided we need a game plan, since we were basically a bunch of chickens with our heads cut off. 

I fangirled a lot, but nothing topped the moment after I got home and tweeted my picture with Sarah Dessen and I got this response:

Definitely in the top five best moments ever! 

I still smile when I see that tweet! Have you been to BEA? Do you plan on going next year?