Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Game On Bloghop

Today is the last day of Kyra Lennon's Game On Bloghop. It's not too late. Go sign up and put up your post! Here are the details:

The Game On Series is centered around a soccer team in the U.S, and those of you who have already read the books will know the hottie of the series is Radleigh McCoy. Between October 28th and October 31st, I want to hear from you about your sporting crushes!

Does David Beckham do it for you? What about swimming sensations Michael Phelps or Rebecca Adlington? When did you first notice your sporting crush, and what do you like best about them? Have you ever been lucky enough to see them in action? Please keep posts to a maximum of 500 words (this is for the benefit of Clare Dugmore who offered me a 10-page essay! ;) LOL!).

Yes, of course there are prizes!

1) New paperback copies of Game On and Blindsided
2) E-copies of any of my books (3 winners)
3) A full manuscript edit (2 winners)

Can you believe that David Beckham doesn't really do it for me? I mean he's gorgeous don't get me wrong, but eh. Once upon a time I thought Ryan Lochte was cute but then he opened his mouth and even his good looks couldn't save him. So believe it or not I actually had to Google athletes. In doing so I came across this hottie.

Introducing Thom Evans. Isn't he pretty? He is a former Scottish international rugby union player and model. Yay Scotland! I'm going to stop talking now and just let you guys enjoy the view.

Oh. My. Wow. I could stare at him all day! Thank you Kyra! Without this hop I never would have discovered Mr. Hottie. So what athlete are you crushing on?


  1. Oh yeah, he is stunning!!

    David Beckham might be more appealing if he hadn't been in every newspaper every day for the entire time he has been famous LOL! It's like when you love a song, but it gets played so often, you start to hate it!

    Thanks for taking part!!

  2. I don't really have any. Did you check this guy out? See what he sounded like when he opened his mouth? Or did you not want to disappoint yourself? :)