Saturday, March 8, 2014

Josh's story coming this June!

I'm So Excited!!!!!! 

For those of you that read (Never) Again, Josh's story, (Once) Again, will be out this June with Berkley Penguin!!!! I am super excited about this book. Josh was one of my favorite characters in (Never) Again and I just had to write his story. The blurb is still pending, but I've decided to share with you my pitch.

A shooting at Josh Wagner’s college left him injured and emotionally scarred. Two weeks later, back in his childhood home, he ignores the nightmares throwing him on the floor and assures his family especially his sister, Liz, he’s fine.  He doesn’t want to burden them with his pain or for them to find out what really happened that day in the hallway. 
When he opens the door for the home health aide his parents hired, the last thing he expects is to be face to face with Kat. Katherine Singleton was the only girl Josh ever loved and after summer days at the water park and nights in the back of his pickup, he left for college, and she never asked him to stay.  Josh is ready to pick up where they left off, but Kat avoids his advances, dodging questions and evading any talk of their past. Not one to give up so easily Josh breaks Kat down and realizes he’s not the only one struggling with demons. 

 Excuse me while I go jump up and down and scream some more ;)


  1. So happy for you. I loved Josh too in (Never) Again, so I'm excited to see his story get out there in the world. Congratulations!!!

  2. That's great news, congratulations! Can't wait for the release.