Saturday, April 26, 2014

(Once) Again has a cover. Have you seen it?

I didn't do an official cover reveal for (Once) Again because as soon as my publisher put it up on Amazon and Barnes and Noble I couldn't wait to show the world. But just in case you haven't seen it here is the cover for (Once) Again out June 17th with Intermix Berkley Penguin.

But first a little about the book:

Josh will have to reconcile his past…

In order to make Kat his future.

After surviving a real-life nightmare, Josh Wagner is sent home from his dream college on crutches. Bedridden and tormented by flashbacks, he’s just seen his world shattered and his baseball scholarship go up in smoke. Josh’s family hires a health aide to help take care of him, but when he opens the door, the last person he expects to see is his biggest regret…

Katherine Singleton is the only girl Josh has ever loved. Now, even though she’s only taking care of him because it’s her job, Josh is determined to win her back. But Kat had to move on after their breakup two years ago, and despite her feelings for Josh, a lot has happened since he left…

When Kat’s past comes back to haunt her, Josh decides it’s his turn to take care of her. But protecting her—and redeeming himself—will put Josh in the line of fire again. Will he survive this time?

I'm kind of in love with it.

Now time for the cover. I'm so excited because it fits Josh and Kat perfectly.

 What do you think??

You can preorder here:
Barnes and Noble

And now the two covers next to each other! 


  1. Can't wait to read Once Again.