Friday, January 30, 2015

Fun Fact Friday: Exploding Bras

It's Friday! Am I the only one who looked forward to this day since last Friday? Today is also the first Fun Fact Friday! Each Friday I'm going to give you a fun fact about one of my books.

Have you read Beach Side Beds and Sandy Paths? If you have I'm sure you remember the bra exploding scene. If you haven't I pasted a little excerpt below. So this scene was written by the amazing Becca Ann (aka Cassie Mae). The inspiration for this scene was actually me. I have had a bra explode on me not once but twice. The first time was terrifying. I had no idea why my shirt was wet and why my skin was covered in gel. My coworker still laughs about it to this day. Yes, it happened at work!

The most recent happened on a day where everything was going wrong. I broke my car and then I broke my bra. Thank God my car broke because when I got home and took my coat off that's when I made the discovery. And I was wearing a brand new shirt! UGH! Cassie called me later that day and I confessed that my boob exploded. I should have known better. After she was done laughing she said that's going in a book! So here it is. The scene that was inspired by my misfortune.

“Ryan,” she breathes into my mouth. I relax my hold on her waist, rest my forehead on hers, and listen to her heart beat in tune with mine. She pulls me down so I’m flat against her, and her boobs push against my chest, and next thing I know, our shirts are soaked.
“What the…?” I say, leaning up on one arm.
Lex’s eyes bulge. “That wasn’t you, was it?”
I can’t help but laugh. “Not exactly the spot that happens, Lex.”
“Then what the crap…?” She shifts underneath me, and I get back to my knees and rip my shirt off. I’m sticky all across my chest.
Lex strips her shirt, and I’m trying real hard not to think about her stomach, her cute bellybutton, her sexy as hell cleavage, and her green bra… that seems to be…
“Uh…” I mumble as I point to the goo oozing from the left side of her bra. She swipes a hand underneath it, jelly-like crap collecting on her forefinger.
“Oh my gosh…what is this?”
I’m laughing, and she shoves me back on my ass. She grabs my shirt and starts cleaning herself up, and I try to get it away from her so she doesn’t completely ruin it with whatever is leaking from her bra.


  1. It's nice to have friends laugh with you. :)

  2. hi. can you please share this ebooks?
    Beach Side Beds and Sandy Paths
    Unexpectedly You
    True Love and Magic Tricks
    Friday Night Alibi
    How to Hook a Bookworm

    1. All are available on and most are available on Barnes and Noble. True Love and Magic Tricks is a free download because both Cassie Mae and I decided to give back to our readers for all their support.

      If you have any other questions about where you can locate these ebooks please refer to this post:

  3. Let me know if you have any more embarrassing stuff that we can use for our characters :D