Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year

It's that time of year. You know what I'm talking about, right? The time of year when you decide to make all these New Year's Resolutions and swear you'll stick to them, and most likely will for the first month or so, before you slowly just forget about your resolutions all together. Yup, it's that time of year! Though, I will admit I've been pretty good in the last couple of years about keeping mine, surprisingly enough. 

So here we go. My New Year's Resolutions for 2017:
  1. Be happy 
That's it. I could make a list of 25+ which I have, but I noticed every item on that list all goes back to number one. It's simple. If I want to read more then I will. If I want to hit 10k steps a day and eat better then I'm going to do that because it'll make me happy. Not because I wrote it down in a notebook one night when I decided I wanted to make a million changes in my life.

There's no point in making a list of resolutions if something on that list won't make you happy. All resolutions should bring you back to number one and if they don't then they shouldn't be on your list. Your own happiness should always be the foundation for everything you do. If you are happy then you are unstoppable and nothing can keep you from achieving everything on your own list.

So for this new year, 2017, my ultimate resolution is to be happy.

Happy New Year! I hope 2017 treats you great! 

Monday, December 12, 2016

Coming Home to You is now Available!

Finally, after the long wait, Coming Home to You is available on Amazon and is free for those of you who have Kindle Unlimited!

Coming Home to You is the second book in the Home series and follows Katie, Anna's best friend from Home is Where You Are, and Seth, Anna's brother. Katie is a character I fell in love with while writing Home is Where You Are and I am so happy to finally bring you her story!


After getting evicted, Seth finally decides to grant his sister's wish and return home. Filled with bad memories, and holding the burden of a secret that's not even his, he goes back to the place he swore he never would.

His first night home a loud thump awakens him. When he goes to investigate he finds Katie, the one girl who was always off-limits, falling through his living room window.

Katie spends her days cutting class and her nights getting wasted so she can forget reality. On the outside, everyone thinks she’s happy being the life of the party, but on the inside she’s lonely and broken. She’s about to flunk out of school and become a nobody when her best friend's brother, and boy she has loved for years, comes back home.

Two broken souls burned by those who were supposed to love them most find solace in each other. Will they be able to help one another heal before the past destroys them both?

~Exclusive Excerpt~ 
(One of my favorite scenes)

“I wasn’t trying to make you jealous.” The blue of her eyes melts into the gray, creating a dark storm. Her lip curls back, but instead of saying anything, she pivots on her heel and walks away. 
I run after her and jump in her path. “Then what the fuck do you call it?”
“What do I call it? I call it having fun. Maybe you should try it sometime.”
Her eyes narrow, and I know she’s referring to the night when she tried to kiss me. She just doesn’t get it. She thinks I’m just going to kiss her like every other fucking guy out there. Doesn’t she realize I want it to be more? That I don’t want to treat her like something I can have. She’s too precious to just be given to me. I want to work for her, prove to her she’s more to me than a means to an end.
“Maybe I don’t want fun.”
“God forbid.” She goes to push past me, but I grab her waist and pull her back.
There are so many thoughts running through my head, and I can’t focus on just one. Words bounce around just out of reach and before I can grab hold of some she shoves at my shoulders.  “Maybe it has nothing to do with fun and just has to do with who you have fun with.”
A disappointed sadness crosses through her dark stare. Does she honestly believe that?
“You’re reading it all wrong.
“Then what the fuck do you want, Seth?”
I tighten my hold on her waist and pull her against me. She stumbles slightly and places her hands on my chest. Her eyelashes flutter as she peeks up at me, her teeth slide over her bottom lip, and it takes everything I have not to kiss her right then and there.
“I want you.”
She sucks in a surprised breath, and the storm in her eyes simmers down. “Then why won’t you kiss me?”
“Not like this. When I kiss you, I want you completely sober. I want to make sure you will remember every touch of my lips against yours. Every ragged breath you inhale and every sensation that runs through you when our tongues meet for the first time. I want you to know that when I kiss you it’s because there is nothing I want more in this world. That I’m not doing it because I can, but because I feel like I earned the right.”
I run a finger down the skin of her neck, savoring every soft inch. She shivers against me.
“I want you to forget every other kiss you’ve ever had and know the only kiss that has ever mattered to me is the one with you.”

You can buy the ebook now on Amazon or read it for Free if you have Kindle Unlimited!
The paperback is coming soon! 
Make sure to add it to your TBR list on Goodreads!

~Happy Reading!~