Saturday, July 8, 2017


This weekend only This Fragile Heart is on sale for $0.99! That is FIVE books for only $0.99!!! Don't miss out! Scoop this deal up before it goes back to $4.99! 

Five Young Adult Contemporary Romance novels about broken hearts, self-discovery, and finding the courage to fall in love.
You Can’t Catch Me: A young runner navigates her changing body and her feelings for a boy who doesn’t fit social expectations. But how can she be in ‘like’ with someone when she’s forgotten how to like herself?

Coming Home to You: He’s hiding a secret; she’s living a lie. Can these broken souls help each other find their way home before the past destroys them?

Under the Dusty Sky: She is determined that her father’s young and handsome new farmhand is going to have a leading role in her ultimate perfect memory. But when he wants something more than physical, will she untangle her mind and her heart before she destroys a chance at finding real love?

Knee Deep: A young girl is pulled between her increasingly angry boyfriend and a best friend who wants to be more. Will she be able to see through the excuses she’s created and find the love she deserves, or will she lose herself in a sense of duty?

Don’t Fall: A modern retelling of Rapunzel follows a girl who hides behind books, her photography, and her daydreams, but when she meets a beautiful boy she must face a difficult choice. Will she choose her own dreams or continue to live under the control of her mother?

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