Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Wait is Finally Over!

The wait is finally over! Hadley and Sam's story is out today! Make sure you grab your copy and take advantage of the release day sale. $0.99 until midnight when the price goes up to regular price!  

To celebrate here is a sneak peek at the first page!

The stream of light from Sam’s flashlight was no match against the thick black smoke that greeted him at the door. His life was falling apart around him, but right now all that mattered was saving the victim trapped in the fire. He took a calming breath and let every thought disappear until all he could think, feel, and see was the task at hand.
He reached for the lucky charm Hadley had given him, fishing around in his pocket, desperate to find the familiar keepsake. His heart sunk when he pulled his empty hand free. For the first time in fifteen years he would have to do without it.
Sam could hear screaming outside and Matt’s voice offering comfort while still maintaining authority. He had fifteen minutes before he ran out of air. He needed to move quickly and efficiently, not only to save himself but the victim as well. Once they put water on the blaze it would become hotter, more uncomfortable, and any victim in the house would be unprotected against the scorching steam.
He stepped farther into the unfamiliar house, the sounds from outside lost to the crackling flames. His eyes swept across the space, making sure he wasn’t putting himself in danger. If he went down, the victim had little to no chance and that simply wasn’t an option.
There was no way Sam could walk out of this house and look into the eyes of a little boy and tell him he couldn’t save his father. Visions of a mid-morning visit to the firehouse that was filled with smiles and laughs popped into Sam’s head but he forced them away.
Every life was connected in one way or another in the small town, and that was because Red Maple Falls wasn’t just a town; it was a community of people who were as much family to one another as their own blood. Which was why Sam couldn’t put a face on the victim because as soon as he did emotion would take control.
Emotion made you react without thinking, made you forget everything you were trained for and opened you up to mistakes. He couldn’t allow any mistakes. Not when a good man’s life was on the line.
In the twenty years since he became a junior firefighter at sixteen, not a single person had perished in a fire on his watch. He was willing to do whatever it took in order to guarantee everyone’s safety.
Walls of heat surrounded him, and sweat dripped down his face as the bright orange flames came into view. He made a left away from the growing inferno, hoping the victim managed to evade the worst of the fire.
His breaths were heavy and loud, and he was running out of time. His radio sounded in his ear, Chase’s voice coming over the speaker. “Is everything clear so far?”
“Affirmative, but I have other rooms to search.”
“It’s starting to spread to the east side. You need to pull back.”
“I’m not pulling back until the victim is in my care.”
“Chief, I don’t think—”
“Exactly, I’m the chief. I’m not pulling back.”

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